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Dynamic Configurations

Lyncode is developing a new implementation for the ConfigurationManager. Features:

  • Dynamic configurations (runtime changes)
  • Improved API (omission handling)
  • Derived values support
  • Modules support
  • File Based

NOTE: Our team have internally discussed about a database based implementation (, but it would have conceptual problems. Mainly:

  • How to get the database configuration? (it must be placed somewhere - not in the database)
  • Reading configurations from there will put an avoidable extra task on top of the DB
  • On database crashes, some services (that, today, do not use database at all), will also crash
  • Derived values aren't advisable (it would make many SQL queries to get a simple configuration value)

API Changes : New available methods

String ConfigurationManager.getString(String key, String default);
String ConfigurationManager.getString(String module, String key, String default);
List<String> ConfigurationManager.getList(String key);
List<String> ConfigurationManager.getList(String module, String key);

Core Changes : New possible features

It's now possible to easily set/add properties and save the respective files, also it's easy to access and modify the properties description.

Pull Request

NOTE: The under development SpringUI and its associated features made us recognize that, changing the core ConfigurationManager, is an important change to make DSpace more user friendly in the future.

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    The OpenUCT Initiative has been trying to contact you guys for weeks. Please email them urgently