The PCC Wikidata Pilot launched with two kickoff meetings in late August and early September 2020.  These two introductory meetings each had over 120 Participants from over 70 institutions scattered across nearly all inhabited continents. 

Agenda / Recordings:

  1. Welcome! (Michelle Durocher) [5:18]
  2. PCC Wikidata Pilot – background and goals (John Riemer) [8:46]
  3. Key stats & themes about Pilot Participants and their projects (Michelle Durocher) [5:00]
  4. Project Spotlight!: “Exploring the Use of Wikidata: Highlights of a Sabbatical Project” (Lori Robare, University of Oregon) [18:04]
  5. Pilot infrastructure being set up to support the Pilot (various Task Group members) [29:42]
    • Pilot Email list  (Paul Frank) – Info to sign up
    • WikiProject page with Pilot resources and LD4-Wikidata Affinity Group  (Hilary Thorsen) 
      • presentation [minutes: 3:20-20:45] by Hilary Thorsen, former LD4 Wikimedian-in-Residence and co-chair of the LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group
    • Poll for meeting frequency and meeting times
    • Activity Tracking Dashboard [minutes: 27:28-29:42]
  6. Action Items to get started [1:03]
  7. Open Discussion + Q&A:

Zoom recording of the full 8/27/2020 meeting: [1:26:16]

Zoom recording of the full 9/1/2020 meeting: [1:27:56]

Slides and Notes:

Chat Q&A and Participant Suggestions:

Slides (from M. Durocher) used in section 1 and 3 of agenda (PowerPoint / PDF)

Slides (from J. Riemer) used in section 2 of agenda:

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