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The PCC has launched a Wikidata Pilot to further advance the movement toward identity management.  Stated broadly in its Strategic Directions document, the PCC hopes to “Accelerate the movement toward ubiquitous identifier creation and identity management at the network level … attain an environment where identity management work activity is characterized by much greater proportions and numbers of entities receiving identifiers … strategic partnerships and collaboration existing among cultural heritage organizations, rights management agencies, Wikidata, and others … collaborate with other identity management communities to facilitate and promote the use of unique identifiers.”


More specifically, this Pilot is anticipated to involve:

  • Comparing ease of use and benefits of Wikidata to other registries (LCNAF, ISNI)
  • Assessing the productivity and quality assurance tools that exist (or should exist)
  • Learning about the culture of the Wikidata community
  • ... and many other learning objectives identified by Pilot groups themselves.

In advance of launching in September 2020, the Pilot was featured in the LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group meeting of June 16, 2020 and more background information and discussion can be found in the presentation recording, slides, and notes.  A new WikiProject page has also been created on Wikidata and will be the best way to track the activities of the Pilot:

Participants will be experimenting in a range of focus areas based on what is of interest to their own institution, sharing their findings without each being required to delve into all the areas covered by the Pilot. Projects of any size, however small or large, and at any stage of progress have been welcomed. The PCC is sponsoring the Pilot, but all interested institutions (both PCC and non-PCC) have been welcomed to participate undertaking a project that pursues issues of interest to them. Initial expressions of interest were due at the end of July so that the Pilot could get underway with kick off meetings in late August and early September.

The PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO is the sponsoring group.  The pilot is anticipated to last about 12 months.  If you have questions, please write to Task Group chair, John Riemer or Task Group member, Michelle Durocher.

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