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LD4L Use Cases  - Describes Use Cases that are being addressed by LD4L.
Use cases from beyond LD4L - Describes potential Use Cases that may follow from the LD4L work, but are currently beyond the scope of LD4L.
Use Cases - Next Steps for Implementation - Describes active work on Use Cases for LD4L.



Historical Document - no longer active




Implementable user "stories", indicating which local and external data would be needed, the linked data angles, and the cross institution angles.


 (title)end usertasksatisfied whenlocal data to supportwhy linked data?cross-institution?external data


 End User Discovery        
1 student

find a recording of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite (1919 edition)

  • present user with indication that there are 1914 and 1919 editions of the suite, as well as recordings of the whole ballet
user can wayfind within 2 clicks to a list of recordings of the 1919 Suite, with the ability to select between physical and online recordingsmarc records - music recordings ... including those in which the piece is not the main album title

granularity of non-marc record objects:

whole ballet, 1914 and 1919 suites

could beOCLC - lookup OCLC id and get addl info? 
2 student or faculty

find a recording of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite (1914 edition) conducted by Stravinsky and/or played by a Russian orchestra

user can wayfind to list of relevant recordings displaying conductor and performing orchestra information" + performer (conductor and/or orchestra) info for each performance, main album title or notobject of interest might be secondary title on recordings; conductor and orchestra info might be external lookup"OCLC + music brainz or lastfm??would also love recording date
 Person + Bib data        
(6 from old list)highlight my faculty's workuniversity dean

a.  highlight content created by my faculty in the discovery interface

b.  also include departed faculty

i. content landing pages indicate local creator

ii. can filter discovery by local institution creators

 faculty profiles must be merged with bib data;  disambiguation of person namespossibly do local institution person lookup on other institution's linked data?ORCID, faculty profiles 
 (bib + curation data) Annotations/CULLR        
(11 from old list) facultycreate a virtual collection discoverable by my students and by other faculty (that might be teaching this course later)another user can view my virtual collection annotation use casevirtual collection could include resources at other institutions?  
  student or facultyannotate a physics paper;  don't care if it's a preprint or an official publication article level metadata for journalsrecognizing the paper is the same in preprint and in the journalarxiv.orgarxiv.orgrevise to include faculty profile angle?
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