Example story: As a scholar I don’t want my discovery process to be constrained by the collection boundaries of my university yet I want to retain the detailed coverage of special collections that are important in my field (can we give a good example field). I want results ranked by the scholarly value, not simply popularity in the public eye.

This use case demonstrates the power of sharing library data as linked open data. It demonstrates what could be done by a third party as a result of data exposed from this work, and what any of the partners could do by integrating data from the other partners.

Out of scope: n/a

Potential Demonstrations

A. Either as a separate instance of using one of the partner discovery interfaces support search across the aggregated set of data from all partners. Demonstrate that items identified as duplicates (or near duplicates?) are appropriately aggregated in the results display and that unique items from all institutions are found. Demonstrate value of linked data over MARC-based union catalog such as WorldCat.

Data Sources

  • Catalogs plus everything else exposed as linked data by partners

Ontology Requirements

  • Nothing new

Engineering Work

  • Harvesting all data
  • Work out incremental harvest and index update
  • Identification and merged display of duplicates (or near duplicates?)
  • Add to display notion of institutional location?

Who will do what?

  • ...


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