Example story: As a researcher, I'd like to see the person contexts for my search results and be able to pivot, extend or refine a search with a single click, in order to better assess found resources, find related resources, and filter or expand search results to broaden or narrow a search on the fly. 

This use case is distinguished from cluster 2 because the focus is person data from external sources rather than from profiling systems of the collaborating institutions. 

Out of scope: n/a

Potential Demonstrations

A. Individual records with linked URIs get enriched displays by linking out to external services. (DBpedia/WikiData, OCLC Works, MusicBrains, IMDB, Amazon...)

Data Sources

  • Profile system data (VIVO/CAPS/Profiles)
  • VIAF, perhaps also ISNI / ORCID

Ontology Requirements

  • Support for profile data from external source beyond the three profile systems (though could be a subset)

Engineering Work

  • ... need to refine ...

Who will do what?


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