Example story: As a researcher, I'd like to see the subject area contexts for my search results and be able to pivot, extend or refine a search with a single click, in order to better assess found resources, find related resources, and filter or expand search results to broaden or narrow a search on the fly.

Out of scope: n/a

Potential Demonstrations

A. <author,subject> searches in OPAC show a panel of related information for context. (Q. do we limit to faculty or is it a general author facility with better data for faculty?)

B. Extend A to includes data from the three partners. Possibly compare to data in Google’s info boxes.

C. Multilingual search & display supported based on subject.

D. New forms of subject authority browse are made possible in OPAC. 


Data Sources

  • Catalog records
  • Subject authorities

Ontology Requirements

  • ...

Engineering Work

  • Is there mapping/normalization work to a chosen subject scheme and is that possible with usable accuracy? Do we support multiple schemes for different pockets of data?

Who will do what?


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