Example story: As a researcher, I'd like to see / search on works <by, about, cited by, collected, taught> by University faculty <in an OPAC, profiles system>, to discover works of interest based on connection to people, and to understand people based on their relation to works.

Example story: As a researcher, I’d like to see a list of works from the most prolific authors in my field at my institution and at other institutions.

This use case is demonstrates pivoting on combined profile system and catalog data, perhaps even between systems. Need to be careful to distinguish demonstration of this use case from the faculty finder functionality of existing profile systems. Must understand how much catalog data adds (perhaps more in non-journal disciplines) and value of cross-institutional data.

Out of scope: n/a

Potential Demonstrations

A. A VIVO/CAP/Profiles search results in a faculty list. Pivot by hitting a "see all publications by these researchers" link. This generates an OPAC results page or a VIVO/CAP/Profiles results page with citations.

B1. In OPAC, search results with a <Cornell, Harvard, Stanford> author get a context panel with an excerpt from their VIVO/CAP/Profiles page. (Note this has potentially appealing, cross-institutional utility and demonstrability.) 

B2. In OPAC, search results highlight any search results that have a <Cornell, Harvard, Stanford> author

B3. A facet in the OPAC search results page lets user refine results to just <Cornell, Harvard, Stanford> authors (current?)

B4. A check box or tab in the OPAC allows patrons to search for only <Cornell, Harvard, Stanford>-authored works, effectively producing an institutional faculty-works portal.

C1. A search on "Stephen J. Gould" (a Harvard professor with archival materials at Stanford, requires data from EAD or limit to collection level MARC data) shows works by, about, owned by, cited by, used in his courses, or held in his archive.

D1. A faculty genealogy lets researchers show who advised whom, and what works were produced in a genealogical tree (maybe use math data http://genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/) (Simeon: if this is of interest, should it be a separate use case?)

Data Sources

  • Catalog records
  • Journal articles (HWP data)
  • VIVO / Harvard Profiles / Stanford CAP
  • ORCID / VIAF / person authorities
  • Gould Archival Finding Aid (C1)
  • Simeon: I don’t think we have citation data. If so we should scratch “cited by” from the example story 

Ontology Requirements

  • Academic genealogy demo/story would require inclusion of academic genealogy relations

Engineering Work

  • Note 1: Engineering work for this use case might be quite separate between institutions given different profile systems and different local authority environments. This would work fine provided there is coordinated ontology work
  • Note 2: Probably do not want to import profiles data wholesale
  • need URIs for all authors, researchers, people as subjects in MARC, article records, EAD
  • Mapping of EAD data into LD4L ontology. Should connect with existing linked data projects in archives world, not clear if BibFrame would be a useful intermediary or go straight to LD4L ontology. Note development of EAD 3.0 and also possibility of sticking to collection level data
  • relate URIs of all authors to VIAF, ORCID, etc.
  • index affiliation data inot OPAC
  • create bibliographic LD service for VIVO/CAP/Profiles to hit, return search results (use case A1)

Who will do what?

  • Stanford -- a primary driver for establishing our local authority for both Searchworks and CAP
  • Harvard -- identifying authors and calling it out was in one version of Stacklife
  • Cornell -- core to CUL as it connects VIVO with primary Library catalog (more than the current arm’s length people search does)


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