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LD4L 2014, which was the Linked Data for Libraries original grant running from 2014-2016, has been completed.  This page is part of the archive for that grant.


June 24, 2014

Back row: Dean Krafft, Simeon Warner, Darren Weber, Paul Deschner, Naomi Dushay, Phil Schreur, Jon Corson-Rikert

Middle row: Rebecca Younes, David Weinberger, Rob Sanderson, Jason Kovari, Steven Folsom

Front row: Jonathan Kennedy, Tom Cramer, Lynn McCrae, Lynette Rayle

Back row (l to r): Simeon Warner (Cornell), Naomi Dushay (Stanford), Paolo Ciccarese (Harvard), Paul Deschner (Harvard), David Weinberger (Harvard)

Front row (l to r): Brian Lowe (Cornell), Tom Cramer (Stanford), Dean Krafft (Cornell), Philip Schreur (Stanford), Jon Corson-Rikert (Cornell)

Missing from photo: Lynn McRae (Stanford)

New members since the January photo:

  • Cornell – Steven Folsom, Jason Kovari, Chew Chiat Naun, Rebecca Younes, Lynette Rayle
  • Harvard – Jonathan Kennedy
  • Stanford – Rob Sanderson, Darren Weber
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