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LD4L 2014, which was the Linked Data for Libraries original grant running from 2014-2016, has been completed.  This page is part of the archive for that grant.


Much of the technical work of LD4L is being done on github in public repositories under https://github.com/ld4l, specific repositories are highlighted below.

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Note that all data is based on catalog snapshots from Cornell, Harvard and Stanford taken in early 2016. These datasets are not being updated to keep in sync with the source catalogs.

Hydra framework

  • ActiveTriples - an ActiveModel-like interface for RDF data (contributions toward the framework)
    • active_triples-local_name - a ruby gem that provides utilities for working with local names under the ActiveTriples framework. Includes a default implementation of a local name minter that produces a UUID for the id portion of the rdf_subject.
    • active_triples-solrizer - a ruby gem that provides a default solr implementation under the ActiveTriples framework.
  • Ruby on Rails support for virtual collections
  • ld4l/open_annotation_rdf - a ruby gem that provides tools for modeling annotations based on the Open Annotation ontology and persisting to a triplestore.
  • ld4l/ore_rdf - a ruby gem that provides tools for modeling list triples based on the ORE ontology and persisting to a triplestore (Limited to non-ordered lists.)
  • ld4l/foaf_rdf - a ruby gem that provides tools for modeling person triples based on the FOAF ontology and persisting to a triplestore.  (Limited to Person and Agent classes.)
  • ld4l/works_rdf - ruby gem that provides content negotiation, metadata extraction, and normalization of resource metadata for inclusion in ORE aggregations representing the list of items in a Virtual Collection.  Currently supports extraction from marcxml, schema ontology, and vivo ontology as implemented at Cornell, Stanford, OCLC, and Cornell VIVO.

Analyses of catalog and related data sources

  • in progress

Conversion from MARC to BIBFRAME+LD4L ontology

LD4L ontology


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