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LD4L 2014, which was the Linked Data for Libraries original grant running from 2014-2016, has been completed.  This page is part of the archive for that grant.

Intellectual Property

We plan that all software will be released using either the BSD or Apache 2.0 open source license (currently VIVO software uses the BSD license and Hydra uses the Apache 2.0 license). Ontologies developed by the project will be made available using Creative Commons either CC0 or CC-BY licenses. Distribution will be through the already established mechanisms of the Hydra Project (http://projecthydra.org) or the VIVO Project (http://vivoweb.org).


The software and ontologies developed as part of this project will be made available and shared through the Hydra Project (http://projecthydra.org) and the VIVO Project (http://vivoweb.org). Both these projects have developing models for long-term sustainability, based on a growing set of partners providing in-kind or cash support for sustaining the projects. In the long run, the success of the project will be in encouraging a wide range of systems to share structured information using Linked Open Data that describes and provides context for scholarly information resources. The specific software and ontologies will help to significantly advance that process, but they will eventually be superseded by newer systems.


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