February 23 LD4L Workshop breakout session: Community Building

facilitator: Tom Cramer

Table 1
  • look at existing community structures, like LODLAM et. al.
  • build community through practice:
    • Tools
    • Methods
    • Use cases?
    • "Profiles"
  • Non-Library community, crowdsourcing
  • Existing players, like vendors, search etc.
  • New community group, or glom on / co-opt existing structures?
  • Baby steps, quick wins, simple tools
Table 2
  • implementing tools
  • archives & museums in particular really need skill development in LOD
    • But use it or lose it – can't just train 
  • Look at other, existing communities: LODLAM, Europeana, DPLA? IDH projects, SWIB, ALA
  • Market useful things, not linked data
  • Sharing data, finding data
  • international, multilingual communities
Table 3
  • Organize & publish best (or some) practice
    • we can't define best practice right now
  • Useful tools in library
  • Partnerships with non-libraries and open Web
  • Ontologies: microcommunities. There will never be a single to rule them all
  • End users <-- software developers --> Data providers
    • software devs are the connective tissue between data and users
    • they need things: 
      • data 
      • platforms
      • education
  • Find/adopt a central org to serve as a hub for LOD in LAMs (NISO, LC, etc.)
    • Or not?
    • LOD is inherently distributed...
      • but we're too distributed / ethereal right now
Table 4
  • Void in community right now
    • even the VIVO people don't talk to digital repository people in our own orgs
  • problem when people try to do Whole stack? technology implementation + top down community direction + own relationship to users. Need better separation of concerns
  • Cross domain is hard – people tend to divide up and talk to each other, in their own echo chambers
  • We really need connections to industry and research
  • is LD4L too narrow? isn't LD "4" everyone?
  • Who's not here?
    • Lotsa libraries (including Special libraries, publics, states)
    • Catalogers
    • Semantic Web industry
    • Information Management industry
  • What do we do to forge links?
    • List touchpoints just out of scope
    • Do outreach
    • Invite people in


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