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Page established for discussion at DSpace committers meeting 9/7/2012

The topic of configurable submission is coming up on a regular basis, but we've never managed to make much progress due to the complexity of what different groups would like to see included. I've gone through the various strands of discussion (listed below) and derived 4 potential strands of work (see list below). In the meeting it would be god to:

a) verify that these strands cover different areas of work discussed under the label "submission" (or are there other aspects that aren't covered?)
b) verify status for ongoing work (I know Richard Rodgers are wroking on Context Guided Ingest)
c) consider high level approaches for progressing work in this area (including identifying dependencies).
d) consider level of priority of the different strands and identify volunteers (if any)/consider how to move the variuos pieces of work forward

I would propose that the different strands of work identified are turned into JIRA issues. Likely next steps for at least some of these would involve requirements gathering.

Different strands of work (derived from discussions):

  • Context/Content specific submission/ingest
  • Improved form management - UI forms for configuring the presentation of submission forms.
  • Metadata validation
  • Controlled vocabularies and authority control abstractions

Three approaches?

  • A big item content model rethink
  • Refine the existing code and get on with it
  • SWORD based solutions

Resources/recent discussion overview: