Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.9.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

Having problems with your VIVO installation?

  • Check your $TOMCAT DIRECTORY/logs - specifically catalina.out and vivo.all.log
  • If you can't find vivo.all.log check that the data folder defined in your runtime.properties file (commonly /usr/local/vivo/home) is defined properly and is writable by Tomcat.

Can't find any individuals?

  • First, try restarting Tomcat and go to [yourhost]/vivo/SearchIndex to see whether rebuilding the search index will fix the problem

  • In the [tomcat]/logs directory, check vivo.all.log to see whether there are any error messages related to Solr
  • Go to [yourhost]/vivosolr to see whether the Solr greeting page appears
    • If it does appear, then Vivo just can't reach it. Make sure that vitro.local.solr.url is set correctly in runtime.properties.
    • If you get a 403 HTTP error, then the authorization on Solr is a problem. Check your permissions.
    • If it does not appear, and you don't get a 403, then Solr did not install properly. Try cleaning the [tomcat]/webapps directory and [tomcat]/conf/Catalina/localhost directory, and rebuild VIVO using Maven
  • To see your individual, go to the Site Admin page
    • click on 'Class Hierarchy'
    • navigate to the FacultyMember class link and select that link
    • on the left side of the page select the button 'show all individuals in this class'
  • If an individual is found, you can select 'raw statements with this individual as subject' and you can also select 'display this individual (public)' and from there select the 'RDF' link to show the underlying RDF for the Person and some associated enitities.

Mail not working?

  • In order for VIVO to send e-mails, it needs to have access to an SMTP server. In runtime.properties, you can set email.smtphost to the name of an SMTP server that will accept messages from your VIVO host.
  • If you don't have access to an SMTP server, comment out the line for email.smtphost. VIVO will detect this, and will not attempt to send e-mails to the users. Instead, you will be required to set a password on each account as you create it, and the user will be required to change that password the first time he logs in.
  • You may want to test emailing people from your server.