Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.9.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.


Suppose changes are made to the VIVO core ontology through the web interface on one VIVO instance, and these changes are needed in another instance.  For example, changes are made in a development instance, tested, and approved for deployment in production. Changes may include:

  • changing the display label of a core class or property
  • changing the property group of a core class or property
  • changing the display rank of a core class or property

The procedure below describes how such changes can be replicated between instances.


In the steps below, instance #1 is the the instance that contains the changes you have made to the core ontology.  Instance #2 is the instance you wish to copy the ontology changes to.

  1. On instance #1, go to Site Admin > Ingest Tools > Manage Jena Models.
  2. Find "http://vitro.mannlib.cornell.edu/default/asserted-tbox" and click "output model."
  3. On instance #2, locate the same model and click "clear statements."
  4. On instance #2, under the same model, click "load RDF data."
  5. Load the file output in step 2 (N3 format).
  6. Restart instance #2.

Best Practice

Semantic additions to the core ontology (new classes and properties) should made in a local ontology, isolated from the core ontology.  Additions should be discussed on vivo-tech@googlegroups.com to insure they are necessary and represent common ontological practice.  Edits to the core ontology should be rare.

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