Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.13.x.
Looking for another version? See all documentation.

jena3tools is a command line Java utility which uses the Jena libraries to import and export data to and from a Jena 3 VIVO system (version 1.10 and beyond).  Jena3tools imports and exports both the data store and the configuration store.  The exports are stored in vivo-home/dumps.

jena3tools is used during an upgrade process from VIVO versions running Jena 2 (version 1.9.3 and earlier).  See Upgrading VIVO

jena3tools can also be used to export your VIVO configuration and content for sharing, and/ or use in other tools. See Exporting Data from VIVO

Running Jena2tools

  1. Shutdown Tomcat
  2. Use java -jar jena3tools.jar <options>
  3. Your dumps will be in vivo-home/dumps


java -jar jena3tools [arguments] -d home_directory
-d, --dir      REQUIRED. Specify the VIVO/Vitro home directory
-i, --import   Import TriG format data to triple stores
-e, --export   Export data from triple stores. Default format is TriG
-h, --help     Display help text
-f, --force    Force overwrite of previous exports
-o, --output   Output format followed by one of nt, nq, jsonld, trig, rdf, or ttl


Source code for Jena3tools can be found in GitHub here:  https://github.com/vivo-project/jenatools 

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