Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.13.x.
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VIVO uses a large number of classes from several different ontologies to represent scholarship.  See Source ontologies for VIVO.  The classes and their ontologies are shown in the figure below.  You may have additional classes as a result of local extensions.

Finding the Classes in your VIVO

To find the classes in your VIVO, you can use the SPARQL query below.

SELECT ?s ?label
   ?s a owl:Class .
   FILTER(regex(?s, "http"))
   ?s rdfs:label ?label .

VIVO Classes

All classes delivered with VIVO should be included in the diagram below.  Classes in the respective ontologies, but not delivered in VIVO, are not included.  For figures related to the ontologies on which VIVO is based, see the corresponding ontology projects.

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