Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.13.x.
Looking for another version? See all documentation.


The directory structure below is for the VIVO source distribution.  The binary distribution omits some directories.  These are noted below.

The Vitro source distribution has an analogous structure.

High Level Directories

./apiJava source for the webapp
./homeRDF and other files needed to load the webapp
./installerFiles used by the Maven installer
./paperThe "'VIVO: a system for research discovery' tags" paper

VIVO Selenium Tests. See http://docs.seleniumhq.org

./webappTemplates and other files for building the webapp

Directory Structure

./api/src/mainVIVO source files. Will not be present in the binary distribution
./api/src/testVIVO source test files (java files and resources). Will not be present in the binary distribution
./api/target/surefire-reportsJUnit test reports
./api/target/test-classes Compiled ./api/src/test classes and resources
./home/rdf/abox Data about specific named “individuals” and their relationships (the “assertion box” or ABox)
./home/rdf/applicationMetadata Data for configuring the VIVO initial site information, class and property groups
./home/rdf/auth Data for configuring permissions for the VIVO application




 Data for configuring the VIVO application display options - menu, profile page, etc.
./home/rdf/tboxData about the structure of ontologies (the “terminological box” or TBox)
./home/upgrade/knowledgeBaseFiles used for migration of data between different versions of VIVO 
./home/uploads/file_storage_rootImages and other assets preserved in the VIVO application
./installer/homeResources for initial building of VIVO_HOME directory by using ./home resources
./installer/webappResources for initial building of web application by using ./webapp resources
./paper The paper entitled "'VIVO: a system for research discovery' tags" written in the Markdown markup language.
./selenium/src The selenium Java source files
./selenium/test-output The selenium test reports
./webapp/src Source files for building VIVO UI
./webapp/targetThe compiled and built VIVO UI
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