Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.13.x.
Looking for another version? See all documentation.

There are four components that you will want to backup

  1. The VIVO home directory
    1. This holds your site's user accounts and encrypted passwords, along with other authorization and display settings.
    2. Holds the Solr search index. The search index is not vital to a backup, since it can be rebuilt. However, rebuilding the index is time-consuming
    3. Also holds any uploaded image files, and any customized RDF files.
    4. Holds your runtime.properties file.
  2. The VIVO content store
    1. This holds all of your instance data (people, organizations, etc), as well as any customizations that you entered through the GUI.  For sites using SDB, the content store is a relational database and will be backed up using the procedures for the database being used.
  3. The VIVO configuration store
    1. In most cases, the VIVO RDF store is held in the VIVO relational database (above), but at some sites it might be in a separate triple-store.  The configuration store uses TDB.  To back up TDB, shut down Tomcat, and back up the files in <vivo-home>/tdbModels
  4. The VIVO installation directory
    1. If you have customized the templates or the Java code, you will want to preserve those changes.
    2. At a minimum, this directory contains your build.properties file.
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