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Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.12.x.
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VIVO 1.12.2 does not contain ontology changes or require a data migration or modifications to the Solr setup.  It does introduce a dependency on Vitro-languages and VIVO-languages, which now contain content in all languages, including American English.

What's New

Ease of enabling additional interface languages

Adding additional interface languages to VIVO no longer requires editing pom.xml files or reinitializing the triple store of an existing installation.  Languages may be added simply by editing alone and restarting Tomcat.  During the restart, the appropriate RDF content for the enabled languages is automatically loaded and merged into an existing installation's triple store.  See Enabling Interface Languages in VIVO as an Administrator for more information.

Multilingual content editing

While previous versions of VIVO allowed the addition of labels to entities in multiple languages, VIVO 1.12.2 now makes all content – including ontology metadata and site administration settings such as page titles and links – editable in multiple languages.  The values entered in each editing form are saved according to the language currently selected in VIVO's interface.  See Using VIVO's Internationalization (i18n) Features for more information.

Improved translations and internationalization of forms and visualizations

Translations have been improved for a number of interface elements and previous gaps in internationalization, especially in editing forms and visualizations such as the Capability Map, have been filled in.

Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes

VIVO 1.12.2 brings a number of important improvements such as reduced profile page load times for sites containing multilingual content, upgraded Jena dependencies that permit larger batches of triples to be updated in a single SPARQL UPDATE request, and TPF (Triple Pattern Fragment) server compatibility with the TDB triple store.

Resolved Issues


  • [VIVO-1857] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Articles"
  • [VIVO-1858] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Catalogues"
  • [VIVO-1859] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Articles de conférence"
  • [VIVO-1860] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Catalogues"
  • [VIVO-1861] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Bases de données"
  • [VIVO-1906] - sprint-i18n: Use ParameterizedSparqlString where appropriate when language filters are injected into queries


  • [VIVO-1343] - HTML Language Code is always "en"
  • [VIVO-1615] - Linked Data Fragment server doesn't work with TDB
  • [VIVO-1736] - Blank page after external login if profile is deleted
  • [VIVO-1750] - Displaying manage list of websites page on a multilingual VIVO causes links to be displayed multiple times on the individual page
  • [VIVO-1759] - i18n: Fix compilation errors in unit tests
  • [VIVO-1771] - i18n : wrong label in translator form
  • [VIVO-1773] - i18n : Several French forms have partly English labels
  • [VIVO-1774] - i18n : Add a reviewer gets "Failed to parse query" error
  • [VIVO-1775] - i18n : Add outreach activity gets "Failed to parse query" error
  • [VIVO-1776] - i18n : Typos in French form for Education and training
  • [VIVO-1777] - i18n: 'Close' link in permalink/rdf pop-up to be translated
  • [VIVO-1778] - i18n: Only include one language per language directory
  • [VIVO-1779] - i18n: Change 'Edit' to 'Éditer' on manage list of labels page
  • [VIVO-1780] - i18n: 'Revenir au profil' appears twice on french version of manage list of labels page.
  • [VIVO-1781] - i18n: language selector dropdown ('Choisir une langue') on french version of manage list of labels page does not display options
  • [VIVO-1782] - i18n: title tag in html head section reads 'Edit' on french version of manage list of labels page
  • [VIVO-1783] - i18n: tool tip for language selector dropdown reads 'user', should read 'Select a language'
  • [VIVO-1784] - i18n: language selection option for editing on french version of manage list of labels page does not list all options
  • [VIVO-1785] - i18n: verbosity switch tooltip in french is misspelled
  • [VIVO-1786] - i18n: link to view grants temporal graph misspelled, improper capitalization in french version
  • [VIVO-1787] - i18n: temporal graph visualization page html head title tag needs to french version
  • [VIVO-1788] - i18n: Syntax error on temporal graph visualization page in french, grammar problems.
  • [VIVO-1789] - i18n: spelling errors, syntax problems on french version of Map of Science Visualization page
  • [VIVO-1790] - i18n: VIVO-languages build is broken
  • [VIVO-1791] - Correcting installation bug (-core) missing in pom name of core/webapp
  • [VIVO-1792] - i18n : In the "Add credential" form, the dropdown menu content displays in english.
  • [VIVO-1793] - i18n: 'or' needs to be translated to 'ou' on 'Add new entry for: overview' page
  • [VIVO-1794] - i18n : Typos, untranslated items in "Add advisee relationship" forms
  • [VIVO-1795] - i8n: Create time value from profile page, dropdowns and labels are not translated
  • [VIVO-1796] - i18n : Typo in "Add geographic location" French form.
  • [VIVO-1797] - i18n : Typo in add/edit forms for french version of "editor of"
  • [VIVO-1798] - i18n: english dropdown elements and error messages in french version of 'Create position history entry for nXXXX'
  • [VIVO-1799] - i18n: English paragraph to be translated on 'Add entry of type Agent for nXXXX'
  • [VIVO-1800] - i18n: NullPointerException error when submitting illegal entries
  • [VIVO-1802] - i18n : Wrong label / untranslated items in "Same as" form
  • [VIVO-1803] - i18n : typo, syntax and translation errors in "Positions" french form
  • [VIVO-1804] - i18n : typo, untranslated content and empty specs in the French version of the "Photo upload" page
  • [VIVO-1805] - i18n : in the French version of "Website" edit form, alert is not translated
  • [VIVO-1806] - i18n : Text editing tools mouseover labels aren't translated
  • [VIVO-1807] - i18n : Preferred titles have disappeared from People overview page
  • [VIVO-1808] - i18n : Untranslated menu in French version of "Teaching activities"
  • [VIVO-1809] - i18n: Add new selected publications entry publication type 'Software' should be 'Logiciel', fails to create new entry
  • [VIVO-1810] - i8n: Add new 'Translator of' under 'Publications' needs proper label and text in both english and french
  • [VIVO-1811] - i18n : Untranslated menu in "Add advisee relationship" forms
  • [VIVO-1812] - i18n: Warning for empty field on submission on Research keywords page needs french translation
  • [VIVO-1813] - i18n: 'Failed to parse query' error on Service > add 'outreach and community service activities'
  • [VIVO-1814] - i18n : French version of VIVO Publication graphic mouseover message is truncated
  • [VIVO-1815] - i18n : French "About" needs to get translated
  • [VIVO-1816] - i18n: tabs on profile page unclickable after deleting an entry
  • [VIVO-1818] - i18n : Typos in French version of "Output of" form
  • [VIVO-1820] - i18n: unable to add 'governing authority'from Contacts tab
  • [VIVO-1821] - i18n: incomplete text, placeholder text on Identity tab > add 'same as'
  • [VIVO-1822] - i18n: mix of english and french options in Other tab > bearer of
  • [VIVO-1823] - i18n: variable translation of terms, labels
  • [VIVO-1824] - The (Home) page of the French version cannot display a random persons when there is a large number of persons in the comic book.
  • [VIVO-1825] - i18n : Untranslated item in French version of "Manage concepts"
  • [VIVO-1826] - i18n: character encoding problems on capability map page
  • [VIVO-1827] - i18n: title tag in head section of html needs translating on capability map page
  • [VIVO-1828] - i18n : java.lang.NullPointerException in "Add publication form"
  • [VIVO-1829] - In "Other" tab of People section, several items display as URI
  • [VIVO-1830] - i18n: key.png is in english for french version of capability map
  • [VIVO-1831] - i18n : In "Create publication" form, dropdown menu has duplicate item
  • [VIVO-1832] - i18n : Typo in French version of "Co-investigator Network" page
  • [VIVO-1834] - i18n : Broken syntax in French version of "Map of Science"
  • [VIVO-1835] - i18n : typos, consistency fix in French version of PubMedID claim form
  • [VIVO-1837] - i18n: Anonymous class labels include hard-coded English words
  • [VIVO-1838] - i18n : Grammar problems on temporal graph visualization page in french
  • [VIVO-1842] - i18n - Freemarker templates that insert values into Javascript code do not always handle single quotes properly
  • [VIVO-1844] - i18n: Manage concepts french page has english headers for table
  • [VIVO-1845] - i18n: Creating a new Vivo concept in french appears in english list and vice versa
  • [VIVO-1846] - i18n: Widget control buttons for capability map are in english in french version
  • [VIVO-1847] - i18n: title tag and headings in capability map are in english in french version
  • [VIVO-1850] - i18n : Typos in French version of "Output of" form (2)
  • [VIVO-1854] - i18n : Typos in
  • [VIVO-1855] - i18n : Typos in
  • [VIVO-1856] - i18n: French version of Preferred title for a person does not appear in the capability map
  • [VIVO-1863] - Menus are presented in French Canadian in the en_CA context.
  • [VIVO-1867] - i18n: person's domain appears in English in French capability map
  • [VIVO-1868] - Searching the capability map is both case aware and case unaware
  • [VIVO-1869] - i18n : Typo in French title of "Reviewer of" section
  • [VIVO-1870] - i18n - Inadequate "No Entry for that Letter" message when browsing alphabetically
  • [VIVO-1871] - i18n: Dropdown menus are displayed incorrectly in german language
  • [VIVO-1874] - "Agent" type in edition forms
  • [VIVO-1875] - i18n : grammar problems in French forms of "Events" section
  • [VIVO-1876] - i18n : Various typos in French .ttl files
  • [VIVO-1877] - i18n : Untranslated labels in French version of "Date / Time Interval" form
  • [VIVO-1878] - i18n : unlocalized Date/time in fr_CA "Events" section
  • [VIVO-1879] - i18n Autocomplete not taking linguistic context into account
  • [VIVO-1880] - i18n: initialTBoxAnnotations_fr_CA.nt missing
  • [VIVO-1881] - i18n: core#AdvisingRelationship displayed as "Other"
  • [VIVO-1882] - i18n: property group incorrect in German language
  • [VIVO-1883] - Parsing error of SPARQL Query / Loading of people page hangs after adding indiviudal via Data Input
  • [VIVO-1891] - i18n: Display of property tabs in further languages (spanish etc.) (Followup of VIVO-1882)
  • [VIVO-1900] - i18n - Adding a spanish label to an article causes an error
  • [VIVO-1902] - i18n: Capability Map - provide an translated image for every language
  • [VIVO-1907] - sprint-i18n: ensure that EditRequestDispatchController.requiredActions() is not modified
  • [VIVO-1908] - sprint-i18n: Explore adding fallback language to edit form queries with language filters
  • [VIVO-1910] - VIVO sitemap.xml broken
  • [VIVO-1915] - i18n - Adding a label with language tag through the "new" manageLabelsForindividualAddForm.ftl does not take the setting for language tag
  • [VIVO-1920] - i18n: VClassDao implementations to support i18n
  • [VIVO-1922] - i18n: Base langTags not recognized in resolving About pages
  • [VIVO-1923] - i18n - Intermittent unit test failures - I18n.bundle NPE
  • [VIVO-1924] - @en i18n properties are not loaded during first site startup.
  • [VIVO-1925] - i18n: Editing labels results in new label
  • [VIVO-1927] - aboutPage_pt_BR.n3 contains broken long string
  • [VIVO-1929] - Site Admin users cannot create new individuals via the GUI
  • [VIVO-1937] - i18n: Remove fr_CA .ftl files that only differ by quotes
  • [VIVO-1943] - StackOverflowException during parsing of SPARQL Update API request
  • [VIVO-1944] - i18n - Exception when editing Page name
  • [VIVO-1947] - i18n: Editing labels deletes all other labels in certain cases
  • [VIVO-1949] - AGROVOC and LCSH concept search URLs have changed
  • [VIVO-1953] - i18n: Date time form is hardcoded in English
  • [VIVO-1959] - When no selectable languages are enabled, interface is broken if browser's accept-language does not match an installed language
  • [VIVO-1966] - Subject is not reindexed after adding object property
  • [VIVO-1967] - Erros in logs when opening individual page
  • [VIVO-1969] - Removing RDF with uploadRDFForm does not lead to reindex dependent uris that should be found by IndexingUriFinder.
  • [VIVO-1973] - Site admin users cannot edit pages
  • [VIVO-1976] - Memory leak in RDFServiceGraph.createRDFServiceModel()
  • [VIVO-1978] - Organization temporal graph is just a blank page

New Feature

  • [VIVO-1801] - Selenium regression test
  • [VIVO-1839] - Text option for language selection drop down
  • [VIVO-1862] - Adding en_CA (English Canadian) to sprint_i18n
  • [VIVO-1935] - i18n: Re-create i18nChecker functionality
  • [VIVO-1948] - i18n - create German version of sample-data



  • [VIVO-1734] - Remove one-time permission in ORCID language strings
  • [VIVO-1739] - Localization and customizing of Drop Down Menus in Forms
  • [VIVO-1758] - i18n: Split language files into directory per language
  • [VIVO-1760] - i18n: Identify areas that need team attention
  • [VIVO-1769] - i18n: Update German VIVO language files
  • [VIVO-1772] - i18n sprint - french "Prix et distinctions" in "Research" root page
  • [VIVO-1836] - i18n: Simplify Language Activation to
  • [VIVO-1848] - i18n: Improve Identification of files to filter
  • [VIVO-1852] - Minor changes to the translation in the entry page "Research"
  • [VIVO-1853] - Minor changes to the translation in the edition page "Articles de recherche"
  • [VIVO-1873] - Internationalize SPARQL query page
  • [VIVO-1884] - Support multilingual retrieval from AGROVOC service
  • [VIVO-1887] - i18n: Update sprint branches with master branches
  • [VIVO-1888] - i18n: Supporting different countries with same language
  • [VIVO-1889] - i18n: Add .travis.yml to vivo-regression-tests
  • [VIVO-1892] - i18n: make the Capability Map template i18n compatible
  • [VIVO-1893] - Determinte and clean up all redundat files for new i18n support
  • [VIVO-1895] - i18n: Refactor UQAM lang files to be serialized in ttl
  • [VIVO-1896] - i18n: Regression test for "linguistic management"
  • [VIVO-1897] - i18n: Regression test for "bug correction" - order of lang priority
  • [VIVO-1898] - i18n: Regression test for "bug correction" - exit without datatype
  • [VIVO-1899] - i18n: Regression test for "optimization"
  • [VIVO-1901] - i18n: provide the TermsOfUse.ftl in german
  • [VIVO-1903] - Vitro-installer missing parent in pom.xml
  • [VIVO-1905] - sprint-i18n: Modify RDF files only to include new needed triple content; retain existing syntax
  • [VIVO-1916] - i18n: Hardcoded 'or' in some templates
  • [VIVO-1917] - i18n: Organize firsttime/everytime files across i18n languages and core
  • [VIVO-1918] - i18n: Reload firsttime files on start-up if changed
  • [VIVO-1921] - i18n - Standardize initialTboxAnnotations
  • [VIVO-1926] - German languages files missing translation of ORCID related messages
  • [VIVO-1928] - Spanish and Portuguese language files missing translation of ORCID related messages
  • [VIVO-1931] - i18n: Page rendering speed with language filtering
  • [VIVO-1934] - i18n: Limit i18n .ftl files to minimal set
  • [VIVO-1936] - i18n: Remove language flag images
  • [VIVO-1941] - i18n - Refactor i18n properties and templates
  • [VIVO-1951] - i18n - Parameterize regression-test configuration elements
  • [VIVO-1952] - autoCompleteObjectPropForm_fr_CA.ftl in wrong repository
  • [VIVO-1956] - i18n - Re-Ensure consistency of RDF files
  • [VIVO-1963] - Docker: network with Solr
  • [VIVO-1970] - Remove Portal and Tab resources from application metadata model
  • [VIVO-1974] - Add listview.usePreciseSubquery to and set default value to true
  • [VIVO-1982] - Add example email settings, but do not populate


  • [VIVO-1762] - i18n: Document how to add new languages -for developer-
  • [VIVO-1763] - i18n: Document how to install existing languages -for administrator-
  • [VIVO-1764] - i18n: Document how an end-user can use the i18n features
  • [VIVO-1885] - i18n-regression-test documentation
  • [VIVO-1890] - Document i18n features in sprint
  • [VIVO-1914] - i18n: Document how to upgrade existing site to use new i18n functionality
  • [VIVO-1954] - Update README for i18n sample-data
  • [VIVO-1965] - Update License info to 2021


  • [VIVO-1765] - i18n: Capture bugs and problems in the i18n version of VIVO
  • [VIVO-1766] - i18n: Selenium tests for English functionality
  • [VIVO-1768] - i18n: Selenium tests for German functionality
  • [VIVO-1894] - i18n: Selenium test Vivo-i18n_en_US equal Vivo_orig
  • [VIVO-1904] - Test VIVO functionality from pre to post sprint i18n branches

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