Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.11.x.
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Recognize that some documentation applies only to a particular release, or set of releases.

Recognize that documentation will most likely be found by web searches, not by walking the wiki.

Information about the current release should be the easiest to find.

Information about older releases should be available somewhere.

There should be an area for documenting new features before they are included in a release.

It should be easy to tell whether the information you are viewing is correct for the code you are using.

Documentation should not be frozen at release time - It should remain available for improvements.

The most basic instructions should be included in the release.

Novice users should be able to find what they need; expert users should be able to find more

Two types of wiki pages

Release-specific pages

  • Apply to a specific release, or range of releases.
  • Incorrect if used with an inappropriate release.
  • Examples: installation instructions, customization guides, ontology details

Release-neutral pages

  • Equally relevant to all releases (or to none)
  • Examples: tutorials, meeting agendas, glossary, outreach events and resources, presentations.
  • Most wiki pages are not release specific


VIVO (main wiki, also known as the project wiki, also known as the community wiki)

  • Located at http://wiki.duraspace.org/display/VIVO

  • The main wiki holds all sorts of information, as it does now.
  • Includes governance, task forces, interest groups, background material, community support materials
  • Does not include release specific information describing the product

VIVO Release specific wikis, also known as the documentation

  • The release-specific information will be collected in release specific wikis.  These wikis will be copied forward to create spaces for new releases.  The next release wiki will be available before the release of the software to document the next release.
  • Contains release-specific pages for older releases.
  • The styling indicates that the wiki id documentation for a specific release
  • Release specific wikis exist for releases prior to the current release, for the current release and for the next release
  • The release specific wikis use a documentation template and a documentation PDF export template optimized for the production of a single PDF document from the documentation wiki.

Minimal documentation in the Git repository

  • The release specific documentation wiki is the definitive documentation for the current release
  • The project wiki is the definitive source of material regarding the project
  • The Git README.md refers to the project wiki and the release specific wiki and describes each

Between releases

  • All community processes continue in the project wiki
  • Release specific wikis are available for improvement
  • A next release wiki is created from the current release wiki when there are new features to document.
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