Deprecated. This material represents early efforts and may be of interest to historians. It doe not describe current VIVO efforts.

Goal: Communicate information about VIVO to potential developers and encourage an active ongoing development community.

Method: This wiki, communication tools (mail lists and forums), development tools (issue tracking, version control), and file management.

Existing Resources

  • Community documentation
    •– the VIVO project website, being moved from Cornell to DuraSpace in early 2015 so it can be more easily managed
    • – a VIVO tracking who is using VIVO, including links to public sites and information on the people supporting code, data, ontology, and outreach at each site
    • – this wiki – sign up for an account now
  • Issue tracker
  • GitHub
  • Downloads
  • Historical (2009-2012) project on SourceForge (
    • file uploads
    • mail lists
    • forums

Goals related to building a development and implementation community

  • Make it clear where documentation files live
  • Clarify the use of mailing lists
  • Explain the use we make of Jira, and the distinct goals of the VIVO-ISF ontology issue tracker
  • Clarify what files go on vs. the wiki


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  1. Archiving this page.  The governance processes address these topics regularly.  The information provided on this page is provided elsewhere.