Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.6.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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VIVO adds headers to some HTTP responses, to assist in caching profile pages. Since release 1.6.


VIVO doesn't cache, but it helps to support caching.


How to enable cache awareness

What runtime properties are used to control it? Can it be controlled in developer mode?


What pages can be cached?

Only works on profile pages, and only if you are not logged in.


What do the caching headers look like?

Show a simple request with a cacheable response. Show a conditional request with a current ETag, Show a conditional request with a stale ETag.


How to configure your cache

It's up to you to insure that you don't cache something without an ETag. You should assume that all pages are stale.

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