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After creating an integration of ebooks for a provider (Overdrive, Axis 360, Bibliotheca, etc.), viewing titles in the library's catalog only shows generated cover images instead of publisher-supplied cover images. The Bibliotheca integration, which does not provide book covers, could show this issue. 


There are multiple potential causes. Review the table below for specific causes and solutions.

There’s no Metadata Wrangler integration.

There is no configuration item named Library Simplified Metadata Wrangler listed in the Metadata section of the Circulation Manager System Configuration panel, or issuing the following statement in an SQL client produces no result:

select cs.key, cs.value from configurationsettings as cs
    left join externalintegrations as ei on = cs.external_integration_id
    where ei.protocol = 'Metadata Wrangler' and cs.key = 'password';

Add the Metadata Wrangler service to your Circulation Manager instance. See Configure Metadata Wrangler Integration.

The Metadata Wrangler scripts aren’t running.

If running the Docker version of the Circulation Manager, log into the host running the circ-scripts container. Execute the following command and examine the filesize of the log file. If the filesize is 0, then the maintenance scripts are not running.

sudo docker exec circ-scripts ls -l /var/log/simplified/metadata_wrangler_collection_updates.log

If you are running a non-containerized version of the Circulation manager, just issue the primary command.

ls -l /var/log/simplified/metadata_wrangler_collection_updates.log

If you are running an older version of the Circulation Manager software, and these commands result in a "file not found" message, use the older folder name for log files.

ls -l /var/log/libsimple/metadata_wrangler_collection_updates.log

Check your cron file (/etc/cron.d/circulation) to ensure the following maintenance scripts are all present and enabled (lines have not been commented with a # sign). In the Docker version of the Circulation Manager the file is located in the circ-scripts container.

  • bin/metadata_wrangler_collection_reaper

  • bin/metadata_wrangler_collection_registrar

  • bin/metadata_wrangler_collection_updates

  • bin/metadata_upload_coverage

The Metadata Wrangler is down or overwhelmed.

Submit a post in the #development Slack channel to make sure the metadata wrangler isn’t down or latent.


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