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LD4P ISNI Initiative

The LD4P ISNI initiative is part of LD4P: Linked Data for Production: Pathway to Implementation (LD4P2). This ISNI initiative arose from a vote of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging's Policy Committee (PoCo), and was an open call to PCC libraries within LD4P as the next expansion of PCC libraries to participate in the PCC's umbrella membership in ISNI.

LD4P ISNI kickoff, April 29, 2019

ISNI: preliminary areas of interest per institution:

  • Alberta: Canadian persons, including French names
  • UC San Diego: possibly Sinopia entities as needed; entities in our local digital asset management system
  • Duke: local Duke names; possibly unmatched headings in our special collection
  • Michigan: video recordings, video games and music is focus for LD4P; also uses in CJK cataloging and Eastern European non-Roman cataloging
  • NLM: entities not established elsewhere for their monographic cataloging; possibly for intersections with their LD4P focus on corporate bodies in their serials if original identifiers are needed
  • Northwestern: poster and other visual materials
  • Penn: entities not established in LC NAF for Sinopia descriptions
  • Princeton:  focus on non-Roman script names; focused on also comparing workflows that compare NACO work to ISNI
  • Harry Ransom Center: archival context for local name authority file; also possible use in Sinopia
  • Yale: [TBD: no one reported at the 4/29 meeting]

Training walkthrough and brief demo of web interface:

Assignment: edit or create 5-10 ISNIs over the next week


  • Q: Should we keep stats? A: There is no PCC obligation to keep stats at this time.  Institutions may choose to keep them internally; for example, this is what Harvard does as a way to track identity management activities and any trends associated with that work.
  • Q: News on adding ISNIs to NACO in $024? A: Paul Frank to report on this question at PCC Operations Committee at end of week.  We’ll additionally distribute that info to the group.

Study Hall 1, May 6, 2019

Slides: ONLY slides 1-2:

Recording: ***

Study Hall 2, July 18, 2019

Slides: start at slide 3:

Recording: LD4P ISNI study hall 2-20190718.mp4

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