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Discussion items

2 minHousekeeping and updates
  • NCE requested, waiting for a response. 
    • Until notification, specs are due Nov 8. 
  • No meeting 11/11 (Veteran's Day)
  • Any news from Samvera Connect?
45 minUI review David Trujillo

8 minStatus of deliverables
  • Bill - in process on the respec transition. About 1/4 of the way in. 
  • Mike - mostly complete. Small tweaks being made. Some things to push to OtM specs repository. 
    • Do we want respec JavaScript in repository as well? YES. 
  • Once specs are settled would be helpful to do spot checks for typos, etc. 
    • Kathryn volunteers to do this
5 minResponding to community comments

Still outstanding:

Will one of the specification writers respond to the comments left on the Preservation Flow page?

From in person meeting:

1) Expectation is that deltas are sent, not the entire object. Send everything the first time, deltas later. Full manifest sent from Gateway- Bridge should know if it already has particular files or not? Send OCFL manifest?

2) Audits are not triggered on request. Audits may cost the DDP money (if stored in Glacier, etc). Audit frequencies are part of the SLA between the institution and DDP.  

3) Relationship between objects and file group IDs is intentionally abstract because the repository and gateway know about object, whereas the Bridge and Gateway do not. Filegroup IDs represent a grouping of files ingested into DDP. Abstraction is injected so that we have a well documented way of taking files on disk and mapping them back to objects in repository. Filegroup is a serialized object. To the DDP it is a grouping of objects. Yes, we should document this better. Don’t necessarily want to use the word “work” to limit the spec to Hyrax. 

  1. Tom will take a pass. 

Action items