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Discussion items


Overall status
  • Estimate of time needed until review from the OTM team
    • Meeting will run through User Stories to ensure they are met/uncover any additional questions to address
    • Initial draft of the Bridge API specification. Bill has done some additional work. 
    • Draft outline of the Gateway spec, Tom needs to go through and align with Bridge - work on that tomorrow so it's clear how they interact. 
    • Should have for the team:
      • OTM overview:
        • Present narrative overview of how pieces work together. 
        • Write-up of how flows are expected to occur. 
        • Supporting diagrams
    • Aim for full group meeting July 8, send out email to group July 1


Repository Gateway specification

  • Need to have understanding of what object is, groupings of content and metadata that will be preserved. In OTM API, Bridge doesn't hold that notion. By the time content reaches the Bridge it is just bitstreams. Challenge is that pushes the understanding of the groupings into the Gateway. Is a need for repo to not hold that meaning. 
  • Manifest approach?
    • Adds one request, could potentially be a lot overall
  • Agreed on nested identifiers - changes made to docs
  • Best practices for DDPs - could pull out practices we can't expect DDPs as a whole to do, but are recommended - OCFL
  • Follow same pattern for deletes and restores as we do for deposits?
    • More pull-focused flow?

Next steps
  • Need to start thinking about the user interfaces that will need to be designed and what information or functionality will need to be present

Action items