Introduction: In 2022, the PCC Sinopia Cataloging Affinity Group facilitated a program to help onboard PCC catalogers to Sinopia.  The program was called the PCC Sinopia Mentorship Program or the PCC Sinopia Peer Group program–we are all new to Sinopia, so the boundary between mentor and mentee is fluid! Overall, the idea is to bring together small groups of PCC catalogers interested in working in Sinopia, and thereby learning more about cataloging in a linked data, BIBFRAME-oriented environment.  Within these groups, peers can review each other's work, discuss problems that they are experiencing, and explore more specialized topics in Sinopia cataloging. 

2023 update: Due to diminishing participation, we have paused the Peer Group Program, but are planning to offer bi-monthly working hours.  For the schedule, please see our home page

  • Parameters
    • Duration: 1 year, with the possibility to carry on after the completion of a year

    • All participants should try to work on at least one resource description in Sinopia per month
    • Monthly touch-base: could be at a working hour, or separate depending on scheduling needs of the peer group

    • Bi-monthly working hours will have a mentorship focus, with breakout rooms

  • How should mentor/mentee groups report issues they have?  

    • Bring these issues to the working hour as questions to share with the broader group

    • if that is not possible, fee free to do one of the following:

      • Add your question to the running notes document for the Affinity Group
      • email the PCC Sinopia Cataloging Affinity Group coordinators: see our home page for the current roster.

  • Tracking: we have created a spreadsheet to help participants track their work.  This can serve a useful place to:

    • Share the URIs of Sinopia resources for review by your peers
    • Keep track of questions that you have related to cataloging specific resources in Sinopia
    • Provide review notes to your peer group
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