Blue Core: A Community-Operated, Shared BIBFRAME Data Store recordingTom Cramer, Simeon Warner
CNI Fall Member MeetingWashington DC2023-12-12
Blue Core: LD4P Phase 4: Truly Shared Data in an Institutionally Neutral Data PoolPhil Schruer, Tom Cramer, Simeon Warner
DCMI 2023Daegu, Korea2023-11-07
Linked Data for Production Phase 4: Truly Shared Data in an Institutionally Neutral Data Pool slidesPhilip E. SchreurTom Cramer, Jason Kovari, Simeon WarnerBIBFRAME Europe 2023
Brussels, Belgium and Online2023-09-19
Truly Shared Cataloging Ecosystem Development Workshop reportJason Kovari, Simeon WarnerSWIB 2023
Berlin, Germany2023-09-11
Facilitating Entity Management with Activity StreamsSteven Folsom, Simeon WarnerLD4 Conference 2023
From Idea to Implementation: BIBFRAME Becomes Reality proceedingsIan Bigelow, Sally H. McCallum, Beth Picknally Camden, Tiziana Possemato, Simeon WarnerCharleston Conference 2023
Linked data: an update from the trenchesNancy LorimerTechnicalities: information forum for the technical services professional. 
to be published spring 2022
Adding context to the catalog: a linked data story slides slides | videoSteven Folsom, Huda KhanALA Core Catalog and Form Interest GroupOnline2022-03-11
Soldering the links slides | videoSteven Folsom, Huda Khan, Astrid UsongALA Linked Data Interest GroupOnline2022-03-09
Re-use or Copy? Redefining Copy Cataloging in a Linked Data Environment slidesNancy LorimerALA Copy Cataloging IGOnline2022-03-08
Discovery explorations with linked data slides | videoSteven Folsom, Huda Khan, Astrid UsongPCC Sinopia Cataloging Affinity GroupOnline2022-02-24
DASH!ing all the way to production, part 2 slides | videoHuda KhanLD4 Wikidata Affinity  GroupOnline2022-02-22
DASH!ing all the way to production, part 1 slides | videoHuda Khan, Astrid UsongLD4 Discovery Affinity GroupOnline2022-02-15
Knowledge panels and linked data for discovery slidesHuda KhanARLIS/NA x Wikidata Group CallOnline2022-01-24
BIBFRAME in Stanford's FOLIO implementation slides | video requires WebExMichelle Futornick

LC BIBFRAME Update Forum at ALA LibLearnX Virtual Meeting

Sinopia & FOLIO: Bridging the gap to linked data cataloging slides | videoSimeon Warner and Michelle FutornickBIBFRAME Workshop in EuropeOnline2021-09-22
A tale of two editors slides | videoJeremy NelsonBIBFRAME Workshop in EuropeOnline2021-09-22
Tutorial: How to use Sinopia to create ANY kind of linked data. videoMichelle Futornick and Jeremy NelsonLD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-19
Visualizing and training Sinopia Linked Data with Pandas, spaCy, and PyTorch videoJeremy NelsonLD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-19
Sustainability and Load Distribution of Authoritative Data Lookup Services  slides | videoE. Lynette Rayle and
Greg Delisle
LD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-22
Authoritative Data: User Stories and Change Management  slidesvideoE. Lynette RayleLD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-23
The journey of an entity from MARC or BIBFRAME to a discovery interface: A discussion of opportunities for and effects of the use of linked data (Discussion) slides | discussion document | videoHuda KhanLD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-20
From prototypes to production: the continuing story of discovery in the Linked Data For Production: Closing the Loop grant slides | videoHuda KhanLD4 Conference 2021Online2021-07-20
Linked Data and Discovery: An Online Discussion slides | videoHuda Khan, Astrid UsongALA IRRT WebinarOnline2021-06-18
Prioritizing and Organizing User Stories for Accessing Authoritative Data  slidesvideo E. Lynette RayleCode4LibOnline2021-03-24
Dynamic Integration of Discogs Data Within a Blacklight Catalog  poster Tim Worrall, Huda Khan, Steven Folsom, Jason Kovari, Tracey Snyder, Beth Kelly, Laura E. DanielsCode4LibOnline2021-03-23
Linked data for opening up discovery avenues in library catalogs slides | video
Huda KhanSWIB Online2020-11-26
Ivy Plus Library Confederation Discovery Days Video Huda Khan (LD4P2/3 section), Melissa WallaceIvy Plus Library  Confederation Discovery DaysOnline2020-10-29
Linked data: am I Blacklight?  slides | videoHuda KhanVirtual Blacklight SummitOnline2020-10-08
BIBFRAME House Rules (Panel)Steven FolsomBIBFRAME Workshop in EuropeOnline2020-09-23
The library catalog and linked data: a tale of two technologies slidesvideoHuda Khan, Astrid UsongLD4 Conference 2020Online2020-07-20
Building a linked data platform: Sinopia & Questioning Authority Server lessons learned and a look ahead  slidesvideoE. Lynette Rayle and Jeremy NelsonLD4 Conference 2020Online2020-07-09
Introduction to Programmatic Access to Linked Data (2-week virtual workshop)Steven FolsomLD4 Conference 2020Online2020-06
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