DASH! work relied on and connected to the author and subject browse indices that already existed in the library catalog.  These indices are used to support the author and subject browse pages and capture both authorized headings, which are Library of Congress headings, and other headings that are used locally within the catalog but have not been mapped to Library of Congress headings.  Knowledge panel links are currently only available for authorized headings.  In the browse index Solr documents, the "authority" field is set to "true" if that document corresponds to an authorized heading and is set to "false" otherwise.

Here is the content currently in the author browse index for the heading "Eliot, George, 1819-1880."

   "heading":"Eliot, George, 1819-1880.",
      "Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880",
      "Cross, Mary Ann, 1819-1880",
      "Ėliot, Dzhordzh, 1819-1880",
      "Eliot, Džordž, 1819-1880",
      "Eliyaṭ, Jārj, 1819-1880",
      "Elliŏtʻū, Choji, 1819-1880",
      "Evans, Marian, 1819-1880",
      "Evans, Mary Anne, 1819-1880",
      "Lewes, M. E. (Marian Evans), 1819-1880",
      "Lewes, Marian Evans, 1819-1880",
      "אליוט, גַַ׳ורג׳",
      "אליוט, ג׳ורג׳, 1819־1880",
      "אליוט, ג׳ורג׳, 1880־1819",
      "עליאט, דזשארדזש",
      "עליאט, דזשארדזש, 1819־1880",
      "עליוט, גי׳ארג׳, 1819־1880",
      "עליוט ג׳יארג׳, 1819־1880",
      "עליוט, ג׳רארג׳, 1819־1880"
   "headingTypeDesc":"Personal Name",
   "rda_json":"{\"Place of Death\":[\"Chelsea (London, England)\"],\"Field\":[\"Fiction\"],\"Occupation\":[\"Novelists\"],\"Birth Place\":[\"Warwickshire (England)\"],\"Country\":[\"England\"]}",

Figure 1 below shows where information from fields from this document are displayed on the author page for George Eliot.  Figure 2 shows the content that was added as a result of DASH! work. 

Figure 1: Information coming for the author index

Figure 2: Content added resulting from DASH! work

Here is the subject browse index content for the heading “Russo-Japanese War”. 

   "heading":"Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905",
   "seeAlso":"{\"Broader Term\":[{\"worksAbout\":1021,\"heading\":\"Eastern question (Far East)\",\"count\":1021,\"headingTypeDesc\":\"Topical Term\"}]}",
      "Japan > History > War with Russia, 1904-1905",
      "Japanese-Russian War, 1904-1905",
      "Russia > History > War with Japan, 1904-1905"
   "headingTypeDesc":"Topical Term",

Figure 3 shows how some of the fields from this Solr document are used for display in the subject page for the Russo-Japanese War.  Figure 4 shows the content added as a result of DASH! work.

Figure 3: Information coming in from the subject index

Figure 4: Content added resulting from DASH! work

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