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Through both LD4P2 and LD4P3, project team members from both Cornell and Stanford have contributed to metadata, design, development, and usability discussions around the discovery work in these grants.  We hold regular meetings to provide updates on work and discuss various aspects of discovery.  The following are people who have made direct contributions across these two grants.  ( *) indicates people who are no longer part of the project. 

  • Cornell: Steven Folsom, Huda Khan, Jason Kovari, Lynette Rayle, John Skiles Skinner(*), Simeon Warner, Tim Worrall. DevOps: Greg Delisle, Robbie Douglas. (Special thanks to Frances Webb as consultant)
  • Stanford: Chris Beer, Tom Cramer, Michelle Futornick, Jessie Keck(*), Jack Reed(*), Hilary Thorsen, Astrid Usong, Camille Villa, Jennifer Vine(*)
  • U of Iowa: Dave Eichmann

LD4P3 Discovery on the Ground Meeting Notes

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