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Attendees: Jason, Tim, Greg, Huda, Steven, Simeon

Regrets: Lynette

Actions from 2020-10-30 Cornell LD4P3 Meeting notes

  • Jason Kovari (from 2020-10-30 meeting) will kick off work on functional requirements
    • Jason working on pictures of edit workflows to parallel Stanford work
  • Lynette Rayle to finalize the survey for cataloger user stories for PCC feedback and ranking by working group, check with IRB
    • 2020-11-06 - Survey finalized.  Waiting on response from IRB.
  • Tim Worrall  will sort out code in LD4P3 repo and look at adding button to highlight Discogs field 
    • 2020-10-30 Tim is been working on this. Worked to improve speed by moving code from JavaScript to Rail but that had significant slowdown (~1s). Now doing search in the controller and then doing second call in JavaScript. Image comes back with first call. Thinking about timeout to avoid problems if Discogs response is slow
    • 2020-11-13 Tim will demo the highlight feature to user reps today, has been working on migration to branch for D&A deployment


Discovery (WP3)

  • for issues etc. 
  • Draft of a discovery plan:
  • Strand 1: production piece 
    • Steps:
      • Discussion with Tracey re. use case and benefit – DONE
      • LTS engagement re. metadata - DONE
      • Production requirements and functionality – Production decision points
      • Demo and discussion with D&A User Reps and dev team – DONE
      • Following up after user reps meeting
        • New demo to User Reps 
          • 2020-11-06 Didn't manage to get demo for User Reps on Nov 5 due to other pressures. Still making some tweaks to the layout and highlighting
          • Question of using QA vs going directly - will use Discogs directly for now to avoid adding QA
          • Will do demo next Friday for User Reps 
          • Assuming User Reps approve to move forward, will plan to move code into LD4, add issues as part of D&A to add tests. Expect to deploy as part of January D&A sprint
  •  Strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index
    • Research decision points
    • Use cases - first review 2020-09-18
      • First goal: DASH! dashboard (full page for entity) that extends on the idea of an embedded knowledge panel, aim to have functional prototype for end of year
    • DASH! (Displaying Authorities Seamlessly Here)
      • Dashboard design meeting kickoff notes - will also try to understand what our data will support or connections to other data sources
      • 2020-11-06
        • Huda has continued work on dashboard page, discussions ui possibilities and analysis of prevalence of geographic and time data in subjects. 
        • Hope to be able to get a sense of how many catalog items have geographic or time data via the subject information. 
        • Looked at Harvard remote user testing presentation – approach was similar to remote testing we have done before. Will look at IRB and think about how to work toward evaluations by end of year
        • Plan to work with Tim and Astrid on design ideas; and work out user testing approach
      • 2020-11-13
        • LD4P2 work reuse: Had set up LCSH index (i.e. most of the LCSH subject headings with URI and label) for search.  Will reuse that and update with information from PeriodO, and separately temporal and geographic components.
        • Design ideas: Will follow up with others, but generally, page load brings up aboutness and then enables browsing options/launching a page with LCSH
        • Next steps: Prototype using 2-3 examples.  Design follow up with Tim and Astrid.  (Also need to get that IRB paperwork down in preparation for any possible usability evaluation)

Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2)

  • Qa Sinopia Collaboration – Support and evolve QA+cache instance for use with QA
    • 2020-11-06 No meeting this week. There have been adjustments to validations – both old and new are available in production lookup but Sinopia isn't using them yet. Lynette will let the team know
  •  Cache Containerization Plan - Develop a sustainable solution that others can deploy
    • 2020-11-06 Not much progress this week. Greg will check changes push up to branch on github then Lynette will test on dev machine. Then Greg/Lynette work out how to test on another server and refine instructions. Should then review plan, work with Dave and others 
  • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group 
    • 2020-10-30
      • Meeting - 2020-10-26 - Completed developer user stories.  Showed a preview of the survey to send to the group and PCC to prioritize the cataloger user stories.  The UI for the sorting into bins is bad.  The bins don't stay on the screen as you scroll up and down to view all the user stories.  This will make moving stories into bins difficult.  I'm exploring CSS that might make this better.  Next meeting will start on Provider user stories
      • Next meeting in 2020-11-09 - Will wait to test survey with group prior to distributing more broadly
      • Lynette will start work on survey for developer side and ask IRB whether another approval will be required

Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data

Other Topics

  • OCLC Linked Data / Entities Advisory Group
  • PCC Sinopia Profiles Working group 
    • 2020-11-13 Going to LD Advisory group (a standing group of PCC)
  • PCC Task Group on Non-RDA Entities
    • 2020-11-13 Document ~87.5% written with some polish left to do. Discussion within PCC about possible collaboration/shared vocab with DNB
  • Default branch name - WAIT until we can use github tools January 2021

Upcoming meetings

  • SWIB
    • Programme out , registration free but conflicting with Thanksgiving in part - Huda speaking, Steven a co-author, Paloma speaking on LD4P2 Rare Books work too
  • .  Call for Proposals - Special Issue: "The Metadata Issue: Metadata as Knowledge".  Due January 31, 2021 (abstract 300-500 words).  Includes "The use of linked open data to facilitate the interaction between metadata and bodies of knowledge" and "Cultural heritage organization (libraries, archives, galleries, and museums) and academic projects that contribute to or leverage open knowledge platforms such as Wikidata"

Next Meeting(s), anyone out?:

  • ...