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Attendees: Huda, Steven, Tim, Greg, Lynette, Jason


Actions from 2020-08-21 Cornell LD4P3 Meeting notes


  • Discovery (WP3)
    • Preliminary draft of a discovery plan- intended to get feedback:
      • Which to start with?
        • Discogs - everyone likes this, are we OK showing the data. D&A Reps + Tracey would be a good group to think about this.
        • Autosuggest - need to clarify added value of linked data over what could be done with current indexes, and address updates
        • Open Syllabus - can we rely on that project? are there other (linked) data sources
        • Knowledge Panel - 
      • How much does bang-for-buck influence our decision? E.g. discogs would be great for music but that is a relatively small number of items
    • Going forward: any features form LD4P2 - create a separate branch for that to isolate that code. Huda got that to work with latest code from Blacklight CUL prod. Greg finished the continuous integration
    • Parallel strands:
      • strand 1: production piece (i.e.: picking features we've already worked on to then push those into production): discogs, autosuggest. Feature branches in the code to work on features in isolation. Still need to discuss discogs with Tracey (post- 9/2). Preliminary pass with discogs features using latest production (from a few days ago) successful (tried on dev vm and will try on ld4p3 demo using continuous integration later)
      • strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index - what decisions are needed. What are the data sources for each (e.g.: how many Cornell faculty in wikidata)? Present: reviewing data sources and questions. Should have more worked out in a week or two. Main areas of concern: browsing and dashboard... and anything we can do to help patrons navigate our collections and how we can highlight an entity... and what does that mean for the index? How do we capture the relevant bits of the graph for an index? Is there a repo for this? Not yet... but can use discovery repo ( we already have to capture any queries or related work.
      • Can we get Blacklight fork to not hit the production catalog every time we do a pull request? Not clear way to specify that all pull requests should go to the fork rather than the main branch from which you forked. Huda is investigating with input from Code4Lib inquiry
    • LD4P3 demo blacklight site
      • Greg working on full CI/deploy but with a manually initiation for now : 2020-08-28: DONE
      • Huda looking into avoid PRs on the LD4P3 fork going against the CUL-IT repo : 2020-08-28: in-process (next step is to look at command line options for generating a pull request that could help identify the target repository and work around the default repo being the originating repository)
  • Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2) - A key element of this work package is a sustainable solution that others can deploy. Questions of budget for deployment. Need to get all code into LD4P repository. What would a good end-product look like both for our maintenance and for others to use
    • From all-hands:  There was discussion of Share-VDE KB and what linking might be done - Open questions and there will be a follow-on discussion with Michele; PCC haven't yet got consensus on the most important lookups and whether the KB should be on that list
      • 2020-08-28 - This week's QA/Sinopia meeting focused on questions around the role of Share-VDE, how QA will interact with the CKB, and what data Sinopia will be pushing up to Share-VDE. See the 2020-08-26 notes for more questions and discussion.  There were a number of action items primarily at the PI level to solidify the scope of this work.
        • Michelle will contact Michele and Simeon will take items to the PI group (possibly Monday)
        • PCC data pool: how do things get into the PCC data pool? Does it exist already? Will people be putting things there? Our understanding: OCLC will supply MARC records coded as PCC; then those are converted to RDF & hosted by SHARE-VDE. Issue: no way to correct data in the workflow as far as currently understood. can create whole new description but no connection to previous graph. This sounds like what we had in last round (wrt: update issues, etc.) but pool of data is much larger. Other question: SHARE-VDE has Clustered Works but not clustered Instances... the workaround (not really a workaround) is indexing each institutions' Instances to allow the cataloger to select which they want. 
          • Is there an institutional Work URI produced with a lot of sameas? or is it a single Work URI 
    • Cache Containerization Plan agreed with a prioritization of containers
      • 2020-08-28 - Dave has not started but has been reading up on the approach.  Lynette continues to work on getting MySQL working.  Finished up some work on another project this week, so not much changed. Planning for work on this next week.
    • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group is still working through use cases, this seems very important to take sufficient time
      • 2020-08-28 - Next meeting is Monday.  Will be discussing developer user stories.  Cataloger user stories for the primary use case are complete.  There was a request to share the user stories with PCC to get feedback from the broader community.
      • FOLIO Entity Management Vision document: Jason will share with Lynette in case that can be of interest for user story
      • Lynette will be sharing with PCC; Steven will help with connections.
      • Lynette will reach out to members of working group individually to make sure they are still vested, that the group is heading in a good direction for them, etc.
  • LD4P2 wrap up
    • See Discovery (WP4) write up
    • Details of Indexing Processes
    • WHAM video ... Huda did video and sent it to Lynette. May want to edit down a bit in the indexing section. Documentation was made into PDFs and pieces for WHAM was added to wiki. 
      •  Lynette to do some final audio fixes. It is at 22 minutes... 
      • 2020-08-28: DONE -   
  • Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data
  • Other Topics
    • OCLC Linked Data / Entities Advisory Group
      • Recap of usability test results, API testing (get, search), recap of shapes (gap between wikibase use and ontologies we understanding in the community)
    • PCC Sinopia Profiles Working group
      • Going through large spreadsheet comparing Sinopia profiles with BSR and CSR, close to having a comparison, will be part of report to POCO
        • 2020-08-28: done comparing BSR with existing profiles. Now trying to clean-up the sames/diffs so that the spreadsheet is shareable. Prelim report due soon that might confirm direction or send on new course
    • PCC Task Group on Non-RDA Entities
      • Meeting today to decide on which models to take, e.g. RDA/RDF values vs. abbreviated list of codes
      • Question of going to LC about using/hosting a small vocab of entity types or use an external vocab
      • Write-up will go to POCO
      • 2020-08-28: lobbying for shallow and focused set of entity types that would allow to say (at least in MARC) that we're working with something that RDA does not currently permit and not try to enact a deep hierarchy. Examples: RDA does not give direction on events description (we do this now... Olympics produces brochures... but are also Events with a host, agents, etc.). MARC allows events in both agent and subject... RDA does not have distinction/recognition. 
        • More granular descriptions might happen in places like Wikidata; the Task Group will be attending a PCC Wikidata 
  • Default branch name
    • Instructions for creating a New Repo with Main Branch
    • Instructions for renaming an existing branch TBD.  Will be bringing back info from the Samvera community working group on branch renaming.
    • 2020-08-21: Lynette has done testing with tool that does the transformation, process is one-time destructive process but does keep settings and update PRs. Might still be good to wait for github that has said it plans to have tools by end of year  (Impact Analysis, Analysis results of promising tool)  We are evaluating multiple tools and approaches for renaming.  The analysis will give you a sense of what is being tested.
    • 2020-08-28: Nothing new.  Kate Lynch will present our findings at Samvera Connect
  • Upcoming meetings
    • Virtual Blacklight Summit in early October. (Main site link and document to add lightning talk/breakout session ideas) - Huda is on unofficial committee. Expecting various follow-ons from earlier meeting this year. (Discussions still in progress and, at some point, draft program will be shared with the community). 
      • Topics list sent to Blacklight list and other channels... people vote.
    • European BIBFRAME Summit; registration now open. Occurring 9/22-9/23 (9-11:30am Eastern each day): (no cost)
    • DCMI 2020 Virtual:

Next Meeting(s), anyone out?

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