As of June 2022, the Sinopia User Group is on hiatus. If you're interested in re-starting the group as a facilitator or co-facilitator, please get in touch with the LD4 Community Steering Group at, which provides support for LD4 Affinity Groups.

Available Sinopia Resources

Although the Sinopia User Group is on hiatus, there are several ways to get help with Sinopia and engage with other users:

Communication channels and related groups

Sinopia documentation

About the group

The Sinopia User Group is for anyone using Sinopia, the cloud-based cooperative cataloging tool developed by LD4P, to allow Sinopia users to:

  • learn about the latest Sinopia developments
  • surface common challenges and needs for Sinopia
  • provide real-life use cases and scenarios for Sinopia user interaction, and respond to potential designs
  • give input to the Sinopia development team on questions around understanding user requirements, and prioritizing requirements
  • have a feedback channel in addition to the Sinopia ticketing system 

Group history

  • The group began in August 2018. Early in the group's history, the group informed  planning of user aspects of the original Sinopia roll-out.
  • Calls were every 4 weeks (formerly every other week), see Running meeting notes.
  • (Side note: The former PCCTG1 list was used for the Sinopia user group only for the duration of LD4P2, ending June 2020, and is no longer used for Sinopia.)
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