Group Co-Conveners:


Several institutions have LD4P projects that involve special collections and rare materials. This affinity group seeks to make use of the collective expertise across the member and cohort institutions to discuss needs and challenges particular to rare materials, and to coordinate the development of resources to support our work.

The Rare Materials Affinity Group will build upon the existing strong relationships among rare materials communities, and will liaise with associated communities as needed.

Projects this group may undertake include:

  • development of rare materials-specific profiles tailored to the descriptive needs of the collections we have selected for our projects

  • providing use cases and feedback to the Art and Rare Materials Ontology Joint Task Force

  • evaluation of data conversion from a rare materials perspective

  • comparison of the Library of Congress BIBFRAME rare materials profile with profiles created using the ARM extension

  • examination of work being done by the Library of Congress on a Providers File to reconcile blank node providers (in provision activities)  


Collaborators (LD4P2)

Texas A&M University: Amanda Ros (

The Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection, New York: Mary Seem ( and Deborah Kempe (

University of Minnesota: Christine DeZelar-Tiedman ( and Kalan Knudson Davis (

Cornell University - Jason Kovari

Houghton Library, Harvard University: Linda Isaac (

Beinecke Library, Yale University: Audrey Pearson (

Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin: Brittney Washington ( and Paloma Graciani (

Library of Congress: Jodi Williamschen


The Rare Materials Affinity Group will coordinate and liaise with the following groups as needed:

  • Art and Rare Materials Ontology Joint Task Force

  • ACRL/RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee

  • ACRL/RBMS Controlled Vocabularies Editorial Group

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