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Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2020-03-27 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Lynette Rayle QA performance
    • 2020-03-06: Dave in process of converting everything over. Unsure of status for any authority, including MeSH. When LC done, we'll know whether this has impact since there are considerable usage data for LC. Dave and Lynette each working on other projects at the moment.
    • 2020-03-20: Dave is tied up with dept. COVID-19 planning. Log analysis shows two classes of error: 1) 502 is Dave's cache not responding, 2) 500 error which depends on query, Java null pointer error from Dave's system, and fewer of a third 3) timeout error
    • 2020-03-37 On hold because Dave is otherwise tied up
    • 2020-04-03 On hold because Dave is otherwise tied up
  • Simeon Warner to ask Adam Smith to investigate cost and any issues with setting up a D&A Beta system to allow broader testing of some discovery ideas from this work.
    • 2020-04-03: Adam provided numbers ranging from $1.5k/year to $5k/year for 1 blacklight VM plus 3 Solr VMs, depending on speed/size. We use a small Solr index for experiments so far, we aren't yet sure what we will need for Wham!
  • Lynette Rayle  to ask Tiziana about SHARE-VDE APIs for real-time up-to-date search and for possible engagement in linked data best practices for authoritative data working group
    • 2020-03-20: Will instead email a larger set of people (individually) about proposed best practices working group, will delay a bit until "new normal" has set in
    • 2020-03-27 Thinking about informal reach out today, then maybe something more formal in a week
    • 2020-04-03 For sure Monday.  Releasing Exhibits 2.0 today.
  • Simeon Warner to ask PIs and Michelle about planning for partner meeting
    • 2020-04-03 Ongoing discussion about a set of 1-2h calls for partner meeting

Status updates and planning