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Attendees: Tim, Huda, Lynette, Jason, John

Regrets: Simeon, Steven

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2019-11-22 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Huda Khan to discuss with Astrid and David possible collaboration with U Chicago over usability (and maybe others in DOG team)
    • Meeting with Astrid, Lynette, Steven and David and Emma set for 11/21 (Tim is out that week) to discuss potential usability work for discovery and Sinopia
    • 2019-11-22 - Had meeting yesterday. David and Emma will devote time to two tests – thinking about aspects around lookups and context. Results will be useful even if no more dev in this grant. Question whether there is training required beforehand. Will revisit question in January. UChicago have just completed a significant study re. discovery with grad students, will be discussion of possible follow-up
    • Notes:
    • Will revisit question in January; Chicago supposed to have report by now... regardless, understanding collaboration in January when better understand resources and what to test (can remove from action items... until January)
  • WebEx for demo for linked data work done by EBSCO at 10 AM

Issues/Blockers (for time since call at 10)

  • Lynette: Connection time outs were happening due to increased requests (fixed); cache layer is returning a lot of 500s - Dave is working on this. No blocker - work itself is happening. Adding IP address to logging to identify whether same source is hitting us with same request.
  • John: getting documentation from the Internet Archive. Needs to know whether there is an API to full text search the books. Recommend look into HathiTrust (Michelle Paolillo is CUL rep for Hathi and can point you to documentation). 
  • Tim: no blockers or issues
  • Huda: looking at semantic search to define data requirements. no blockers

Status updates and planning