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Attendees: Tim, Steven, John, Lynette, Jason, Huda, Adam, Simeon

Regrets: no regrets!

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2019-10-11 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Lynette Rayle will describe current state of wikidata work (as identified on Prioritization page) and then ask Christine Fernsebner Eslao what we might consider "done" for the next pass on wikidata, then perhaps create new and more specific issues for later improvements
    • 2019-10-11 Updated Issue #15 to touch base with Christine Fernsebner Eslao
    • 2019-10-18 Steven has had some discussion, question remaining is what might be "good enough" for this round given Sinopia's ability to let the user go out to the native environment and bring in a URI. Lynette comments that no response from wikidata folks who seemed interested in the feedback we gave. Will discuss in a future QA "study hall"
  • ALL - review , KPAOW Usability results write up 
    • 2019-10-04 Also draft partway done for KPAOW lessons learned and possible future steps
    • 2019-10-18 Huda walked us through these documents – Usability results write up pretty much done, a little more work needed on lessons learned. Will finish up and add copies to this wiki

Status updates and planning

  • Blacklight LD @ Stanford
    • Expecting white paper on knowledge panels - John Skiles Skinnerand others working on draft to be finished soon
    • 2019-10-18 - in google doc still waiting for some contributions, will be discussed in next discovery affinity group meeting
  • Blacklight @ Duke 
    • Question of whether Cornell might host a future instance of the meeting
    • Huda represented D&A with a little help from her friends
    • Others were interested in our rapid updates from Voyager and from and details of our indices
    • Erik Hatcher gave an update on new features in Solr 7/8
    • Discussion of analytics including what it would mean to get at user journeys. Both PSU, Indiana and Stanford doing some work in this area
    • Had a review of BL LD meeting and Knowledge Panel work; Princeton planning to do work around indexing authorities
  • Prep for DC cohort and partner meetings
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data,
    • AWAITING more work in Sinopia to import data. Sinopia work cycle 2 (through December 6) will we hope include the ability to read in RDF back from Trellis. We hope that we can leverage this to import RDF from a lookup in Discogs or ShareVDE. STARTING with items not in DIscogs
    • Steven working on modeling tutorial and Sinopia functionality, hope this will help get cataloger started. Feedback was that some model understanding is necessary to do the cataloging work and that training is essential, even for staff that have worked with VitroLib at some time in the past (over a year ago)
    • Sinopia team asked whether Sinatra profiles up-to-date, Steven has uploaded minor revisions so there are in place
  • Enhanced Discovery (see also and
    • BAM! (to run through end October)
      • For reference: Initial draft of BAM plan
      • Demo of subject browse pathways from Huda
      • Also first start at timeline based on wikidata connections with LOC birth and death dates, but with possible use of wikidata dates where LOC dates are missing
      • John working on timeline view. Originally intended to use era facets based on FAST which could then be linked. Found that many eras don't have appropriate data, for now working with the subset that do. Have also found that FAST data doesn't have links out to other data – wonder whether we might look for links  in the other direction. Question of how to label eras with year and/or labels that might have context specific interpretation
      • John also working on connection to Open Syllabus project that has a notion of classes that assigned texts (based on discussions from BL LD summit) – have been sent a subset of 100k syllabi – provides a new notion of "related" as on same syllabus, using index based on isbn to find works most often assigned with some other work
      • Tim - DEMO! - suggestion from Jason that the "exploding" subject areas might be closely tied to fiction/non-fiction split. It is understood that subjects are a complicated topic for fiction and perhaps we should show only for non-fiction works. Tim will continue with work to combine work id and subject based results
    • Possible collaboration with U Chicago over usability.  Discussion around possibilities?
    • EBSCO tool demo (vocabularies/data)?
  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Lookup infrastructure:, Authority requests:
    • Lynette will  focus on Hyrax Valkyrization and Samvera Connect prep next week
    • LCGFT operational so all immediate LC cases dealt with
    • Question - is SVDE config just for the grant or for public? → data public. And question of whether cohort use cases want to search all institutions' data or just their own → these might be good topics for cohort meeting
  • Travel and meetings (see LD4P2 Cornell Meeting Attendances)
    • Samvera Connect, week of October 21 (WUStL)
      • Lynette to present on QA (Simeon also going but not on LD4P funds)
    • Fall partner and cohort meeting in DC, November 12/13
    • 5th International LODLAM SUMMIT at the The Getty Center in Los Angeles. February 3-4, 2020
      • Steven is on the planning committee, Lynette and Simeon to apply
      • Expect to have a "tool challenge" - a competition before the conference
    • LD4 Conference at College Station, TX (TAMU) - May 13/14, 2020
      • Jason is on PC
    • rdfs:seeAlso Conferences Related to Linked Data in Libraries
  • Next meetings: