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Attendees: Steven, Jason, Lynette, Huda (zoom), Tim, Simeon


Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2019-05-03 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

Status updates and planning

  • Enhanced Discovery (see also and

    • Huda on CUGIR last two weeks, hoping to get Lincoln mockups done and learnt about how to get more from Google Analytics data (can see how people got to request screen)
    • Tim has been working on parallel search
    • OCLC work ids seem like a promising way to connect from our records to wikidata (using the concordance file we got a while back). OCLC are working to add work ids directly into MARC records, and we would use them (though timeline fuzzy)
    • For reference, OCLC/SharedVDE analysis by U Chicago
    • ACTION Huda Khanto work on a plan for ED work through this year, discuss next week
  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Lookup infrastructure:, Authority requests:
    • ISNI – had discussion this week with ISNI and Harvard folks, positive but didn't get through everything. Hope to have second meeting. Expect to have quarterly dumps to load into QA/DAVE, API plans for access to live data still in discussion.
    • Wikidata – Dave downloading this now and will set up in QA/DAVE. Some discussion of whether there might be API support for RDF output, no feedback yet on suggestions. Open questions of whether there will be more direct support in Sinopia
    • SVDE – Have sent document on API but no response yet
    • RDA registry – We had previously suggested that lookups were available in BFE but this wasn't actually the case. Stanford team suggested these could be added directly to Sinopia but this is not on their current work schedule. Steven has checked about half and found that `skos` used consistently throughout so we should be able to treat everything the same way. Vocabularies are well versioned and have good language tags
    • At some stage need to have discussions on how best to prioritize authority work to support cohort activities
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data,
    • ON HOLD pending more work in Sinopia to import data. 
    • The import data functionality (sometimes called "cloning") has been pushed off to milestone 5 for Sinopia so we cannot do Discogs integration based on the expect Sinopia release this summer. Next work cycle not scheduled until late Fall. Will need to decide how to move forward with cataloging experiments (perhaps start with 4 (8% of 50) records not in Discogs?) and/or whether to hack up some import for our work specifically
    • We need Sinopia milestone 4, core functionality to save data, in order to do any real work. For our work we also need a way to import data from a lookup through discogs – this could be worked on in parallel with the Sinopia team work on M4. In order to estimate the effort here we need to know how discogs data maps into the profiles and how complex the data is (how many bnodes etc.). Could do 1) map into profile form fields, or 2) entity to profile mapping. Sinopia based on application-wide redux state, we could insert data into that and then React components will populate the form. ACTION - Huda/Steve/Tim to discuss week after next
  • Travel and meetings (see LD4P2 Cornell Meeting Attendances)
    • LD4P June 2019 Meeting: Agenda formation:
      • Lynette (Tue, 1/2 Wed), Steven, Jason, Huda
      • Partner meeting is day after cohort
      • Cohort discussion topics:
        • How do we handle SHARE-VDE data for cohort institutions in QA? Should these appear as a separate "authority" for each institution or as one commingled set? The latter is perhaps better for taking advantage of reconciliation and promoting improved ways of working with linked data
    • Other meetings
      • Blacklight Summit will be at Duke, dates not yet announced (Code4Lib slack indicates late fall/October perhaps)
        • Huda and/or Tim? Not sure whether a co-located BL ld4 workshop could happen
      • European Bibframe summit in September, call for proposals expected soon
        • Jason considering ARM/rare-cohort proposal
      • SWIB19 25-27 November (Thanksgiving week (sad)) - call is out, extended deadline is 26 May 2019
        • Possibility of QA + Dave in container
        • Consider discovery proposal
      • Samvera Connect
        • Lynette to present on QA
      • 5th International LODLAM SUMMIT at the The Getty Center in Los Angeles. February 3-4, 2020
      • WikidataCon, Oct 25-26, 2019, Berlin, Germany
        • Hilary will propose talk
      • rdfs:seeAlso Conferences Related to Linked Data in Libraries
  • Next meetings:
    • 2019-05-31 - Steven out 
    • 2019-06-07 - Jason out
    • 2019-06-14 - Lynette out, Steven out, Simeon out => Cancel or Jason run
    • 2019-06-21 - Jason out 
    • 2019-06-28 - just after meetings, Simeon out => cancel
    • Think more about wikidata engagement