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Attendees: Jason, Steven, Tim, Huda, Simeon

Regrets:  Lynette (Valkyrizing)

Zoom (for 2/1 only):

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2019-01-25 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Steven Folsom keep track of cataloger perspective on work to support LC Names is in QA with context 
    • 2019-01-11 - Dave had added LCNAF to D.A.V.E. and Steven is working on the context needed for the search lookup UI. 
    • 2019-01-18 - Some discussion of language tags and two actions below
    • 2019-02-01 - Action yesterday. Working with Dave on whether that spreadsheet has all the right information (particularly about need for prefLabel or not, language tags or not).. may be resolved today?!
  • Lynette Rayle priority is completion of
    • 2019-01-25: significant progress. refactored code showing context; fails on certain LD paths and doesn't expand out URIs (e.g.: if do broader, will only give URI, not URI + label) - has not yet attempted to correct. Other Significant item: LDPath gem is doing load for graph every time it tries to access something (SLOW)... may need to fork LDPath gem to make more efficient since will not need to reload graph every time (for our use case). Next week Lynette is gone; week after is Exhibits work... so likely update for next two weeks.
  • Lynette Rayle  (from discussion of LC Names in QA with context) 1) investigate & document algorithm for selection of languages with label and/or no label
    • 2019-01-25: no update
  • Steven Folsom going thru CUL's D&A Jira (next week or so):
  • Huda Khan is working on whether usability work on catalogs has been done internally as well as externally to CUL. Code4Lib journal and another has some details
    • 2019-01-18: Have been looking at usability work and literature. Found some older material on Blacklight tests (when facets new), not so much after that. Some log analysis on SearchWorks. Also looking at linked data browser tools. Interesting dissertation from a few years ago on LD exploratory search. See discovery folder, literature exploration NOTES DOCUMENT, initial discussions with Tim regarding knowledge panels etc. , and also Stanford NOTES FROM LAST SUMMER
    • 2019-02-01: Huda is going to work through the notes from Astrid's four user sessions
  • Huda Khan will set up another meeting with Jason, Tim, and Astrid  to plan way forward with the Discovery work plan. 
    • 2019-01-25: Huda will schedule a meeting in the not so distant future... will include Steven, as well.
    • 2019-02-01 - scheduled, 11 Feb. DONE
  • Steven Folsom will ping cohort to find "owner" for LCMPT and source of accuracy tests
    • 2019-02-01 Nancy has agreed to be sponsor/owner, waiting on input. DONE
  • Lynette Rayle will work with Dave on Video Game Genre Forms request – pending work from Dave
    • 2019-01-18 Still in Dave's camp
    • 2019-01-25: no progress. In Dave's camp until data is added to DAVÉ
  • Steven Folsomwill follow up with Christine and Marc about what entities we want to support lookup from wikidata
  • Lynette Rayle to work with Dave on QA/DAVE presentation at LD4 Conference
    • 2019-01-18 Going to do this with Dave, working on it this pm
    • 2019-02-01 Just 7 days left...
  • Huda Khan to discuss with Astrid possibility of UX presentation
    • 2019-01-18  Have discussed with Astrid. Abstract "yes" so far
    • 2019-02-01 Just 7 days left...
  • Jason Kovariwill discuss in LTS whether there a URIs from Share-VDE data that are useful and might be added to catalog
    • 2019-02-01: until we have some Cornell data back from Casalini, Jason does not want to have discussion in LTS – people will need to see / explore data before forming opinions on utility. At present, no timeline from Casalini about delivery of dataset, will follow up with Casilini now
  • Jason Kovariwill touch base with Michelle to inquire about how this cohort engagement communication transpires ... and likely correct his confusion over communication issues (how people/institutions engage beyond the Sinopia user group)
    • 2019-02-01 cohort update in planning
  • Simeon Warner re: Enhanced Discovery work, will talk with Jessie about Stanford plans and then talk to budget & finance
    • 2019-02-01 Jessie in planning work likely to start after LDCX, likely to include knowledge cards. 
  • Steven Folsom to respond to two questions on re: discog roles - and how to map
    • Done, and Tim Worrallhas implemented. Hopes to do fix some configuration issue and DRY code, then move to #36
  • ALL - discuss Cornell goals at LD4 Conference and who might go
    • Expect to send: Jason, Steven, Huda, Lynette, Simeon
    • Jason to discuss whether to spend day or half-day with Harvard folks on Thursday (topics: Wikidata, reconciliation)
  • Issues:

Status updates and planning

  • Cohort engagement 
  • Discovery developer search
  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Production QA instance:
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data,
  • Sinatra Profile Work:
    • 2019-01-25: This work is coming together, documentation of changes to the LC Sound Recording Analog Profile can be found here:
      • Still need to (hopefully for next week Steven Folsom ): 
        • update propertyTemplates that involve lookups to abide by the syntax generated by the Sinopia Profile Editor for QA (QA look ups are available as drop-downs in the profile editor now)
        • communicate this work has happened in case others might want to used templates I've created (e.g. RWO profiles instead of Authorities, GeoNames instead of LCNAF)
        • negotiate how far to move away from some LC BFLC patterns and using entities instead of literals (especially in the case where BF, RDA, etc. have properties)
        • Create song template, just haven't gotten to this.
  • Enhanced Discovery
    • See notes regarding usability work above.  Astrid is conducting user interviews with researchers to understand discovery needs and has completed three of these so far.
      • Preliminary impressions: 2 areas: (a) Shorter-term Blacklight contributions: knowledge panel design and integration while bringing in linked data, schema output, and design and implementation of connecting to/integrating authorities (but linked data versions?), (b) design and exploration around how linked data could be integrated into discovery such as semantic search (which may involve interesting alignments between info modeled in ontologies and traditional library search and may even intersect with machine learning/NLP options), possibly resulting in prototypes that address particular user concerns (e.g. identifying related items, demonstrating more clearly what information is actually present and related within the search space, etc.).  Based on literature/existing work, appears there are definite improvements to the search experience that are possible and preferred.  Also very related to user experience: relevance and search algorithms. 
  • Travel and meetings
  • Next meetings:
    • Lynette will be out for 1 Feb meeting (Samvera Valkyrization meeting), Simeon will be on Zoom