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Attendees: Tim, Steven, Huda, Simeon

Regrets: Jason, Lynette

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2018-11-02 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Steven FolsomLC Names is in QA without going thru context workflow. Steven Folsomwill work with Huda Khan to set up.
    • 2018-11-01 - LC will investigate the bulk download problem and generate a new bulk files that include the RWO data.
    • 2018-11-09 - No updates from LC on this issue, gentle prod in Slack
  • Steven Folsom to reach out to Astrid about possible Stanford participation in US2TS and will coordinate proposal
    • 2018-11-01 - Astrid responded that they will decline, out of concern for the April 2019 Sinopia deadline. Jodi Schneider (with co-organizers Paul Groth and Ryan Shaw) proposed a session on domain-specific knowledge graphs that will include the description we provided. Ryan Shaw and Deborah McGuiness are also confirmed speakers. 
    • 2018-11-09 - Proposal was submitted with us on it, nothing more to do, Steven will keep watching
  • Jason Kovari  Starting work on getting records to Casalini, will need to work out how to stage data we get back from Casalini
    • 2018-11-02 - CUL-IT and LTS are working on this - pull all our bibliographic records is cumbersome to process; on the queue for Pete Hoyt and Gary Branch
    • 2018-11-09 - don't know status
  • Simeon Warner - set up homework to brainstorm D&A ideas on Google Doc, then set up longer session together to flesh out. Need to scan the large set of D&A issues:
    • Aside - LTS decision to use some ISNI URIs in bib records where a LC name authority does not exist, LC/PCC considering using ISNI in authority records. Steven had discussion with Frances about possible impacts on D&A. Considering new indexes based on identifiers rather than labels that might be useful for enhanced discovery services
    • No progress on brainstorming homework
  •  Jason Kovari will raise BFE issues on Slack: While exploring support for authorities in BFE we notice that the RDF generated from a Topic search in BFE is simply broken. The "preview" has the label disconnected from the authority in the graph.
    • Huda Khan  will post explanation of the problem as an issue in Sinopia git and also post on slack
  • Issues:

Status updates and planning

  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Production QA instance:
    • QA Priorities: update to use engine (done pending deployment), keeping historical data (done pending deployment), logging of use (not done yet Issue #28), then finish refactoring (no recent work), then performance (some reporting added) and/or new authorities
    • Lookups for LC NAF: experimenting with regular lc call but with Ajax requests to return context. Have rwo and sameAs coming back in search result-like display and next step is to do additional Ajax calls for rwo info (3xx fields), to generate prototype that can be used in testing. Huda is going to change prototype to work against QA for first search, but will then make other AJAX calls to LC to experiment with context data
      • Huda Khan and Astrid have a number of user tests scheduled over the next two weeks based on Huda's mockup. Hope to have some preliminary results for SWIB. Key questions are 1) is the right/useful information shown? 2) is it presented in a good way?
      • Steven notes that Folio wireframes display additional information in a right-hand pane while doing lookups
    • Wikidata as an authority
      • Christine and Steven discussed where to start with wikidata for authorities and think using Events is the bast place to start. Steven will create a new repo in the ld4p organization to document this, will create data/issues under QA repo when there are actionable issues
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data,
  • Enhanced Discovery
    • PIs agreed on charges for Profiles WG and Discovery affinity group – these will be started soon
    • How do we get useful ideas for discovery to take back to Cornell D&A?
  • Travel and meetings

Next meetings:

  • 2018-11-16 & 30: Jason out