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Attendees: Steven, Tim, Lynette, Simeon

Regrets: Jason, Dean, Huda

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2018-10-19 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Steven FolsomLC Names is in QA without going thru context workflow. Steven Folsomwill work with Huda Khan to set up.
    • From Huda's work with catalogers to test context around names, they expect 3xx info which is on the RWO in the RDF and it seems that the RWOs are not in the dumps from LC. LC thinks they should be there but Steven and Dave cannot find the data, they seem the RWO entities only in the object position of some triples. Huda also notes that the profiles in the BFE dev instance at LC do not link to the RWO but instead link to the authority. Will continue working with LC to understand/resolve.
  • Tim Worrall would like to convert drawing from the wall; will add to the Sinatra repo, as well
  • Steven Folsomand Simeon Warner to explore what BFE does with JSON-LD input data in order to frame questions going forward about what Sinopia needs to be able to copy data in
  • Steven Folsom to reach out to Astrid about possible Stanford participation in US2TS and will coordinate proposal
    •  Steven will do this...
  • Issues:
    • Jason starting work on getting records to Casailini, will need to work out how to stage data we get back from Casalini

Status updates and planning

Next meetings:

  • 2018-10-26 – back at the ranch (Huda will be out  the morning of 10/26 but can probably attend last half hour of 10/26 meeting. I'll send updates/questions beforehand)
  • 2018-10-26 - Jason may be out