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Attendees: Lynette, Huda, Tim, Jason, Steven, Dean, Simeon

Regrets: None!


Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2018-08-24 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Huda Khan to follow up on Vitro/VitroLib security issue that Randy asked about
    • 2018-08-17 Test was done, Huda has yet to complete analysis. Will post results as information for the VIVO community but not do any work to address.
    • 2018-08-24 Not yet. Have to read report to see if issues are detailed. Will report back to Harvard and VIVO community. Will attempt to do by 8.31
    • 2018-08-31 Putting Vitro behind SSL did address some issues (e.g. login not secure) but not all. There remain cross-site scripting and SQL injection issues. Will forward document to Randy, and will report on the VIVO developer call.
  • Simeon Warner to work with Mary Beth to set up an LD4/D&A discussion. Should include Melissa & Frances. Frances has done something in an innovation week. Goal is to understand areas of work that might happen in LD4 that would align with existing hopes
    • 2018-08-02 Have sent email to MB, Simeon will follow up again
    • 2018-08-24 no status. Steven Folsom : this is his largest work area; can help coordinate if needed
    • 2018-08-27 MB has suggested Tue Sept 18 at 11am for 30mins. Proposed 5-10mins intro and 20-25mins discussion
  • Steven Folsom will create a repo for the Sinatra 45s work item... and add the JSON file there; we'll also post app profiles, etc there. IF we prioritize the QA extension work, we'll create a repo/folder for that work and this can go into there...
  • Simeon Warner to follow up on security warning for
  • Issues:

Status updates and planning

  • Cohort
    • Proposals under review. To be decided by 10 September, we think; interested to know more about applicants.
  • Authority Lookups for Sandbox (Production QA instance:
    • samvera/questioning authority (QA) is preparing for release pending merge of CORS header support and Rails 5.1 support.  LD4P/qa_server uses the min_context branch of QA and was updated to include everything that will be in the new release of QA.
    • LD4P/qa_server was updated to be an engine instead of an app.  Remaining work is to bring the history work into the new engine.  It's in a branch now, but needs testing to be sure it is working as expected.
    • cul-it/qa_server was a fork of ld4l-labs/qa_server.  It has been detached and is now stand alone.  Remaining work is to convert it to be a simple app that gets all its functionality from the LD4P/qa_server engine.
    • vocabulary support:  There is a list of vocabularies that includes 8 vocabularies we already support.  3 substantial vocabularies that we should work on supporting.  And 32 smaller vocabularies from  I believe that all/most/some of these are currently filled using API for autocomplete.  Should these 32 smaller vocabularies be supported through QA or remain using suggest API?  Are there UI considerations?
    • Priorities QA: update to use engine, keeping historical data, logging of use, then finish refactoring, then performance and/or new authorities (hope to get clarity on Sinopia call regarding needed/prioritized authorities; Steven to try out template idea with LCMPT, Lynette suggests doing this in
  • Enhanced Discovery
    • Planning Tue 2018-09-19 meeting with D&A, 11am. – all will attend
    • Discussion of discovery work plan from Tom Cramer. Will respond suggestion getting Tim involved in all aspects, Steven particularly in knowledge card and future browse and semantic search
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data)
    • Application Profiles
      • In mid-to-late September, Steven, Tracey and Jason will start planning for Sinatra BFE profile. Hip Hop SHACL was for 78s... Sinatra will be 45s... HipHop used bibliotek-o.
      • Question: whether we want to help out with Art & Rare Materials BF Ontology Extension profile to ensure that others are facilitated...?
    • Discogs data / API
      • Reviewed output from discogs last week. 
      • Thinking about how to implement a supervised reconciliation through searching Discogs. Not sure how much effort this would be to implement in BFE or other system. Open question of how much parallel there might be with other reconciliation/Import from external sources from, say, Share-VDE
      • Would be good to discuss ideas in the partner meeting in October
  • Travel and meetings – what meetings should be be present at between now and end June 2019?
    • DCMI (Jason, not on LD4P2 funds), SWIB (Steven, Huda, Lynette, Simeon), CNI (Dean, not on LD4P2 funds), US2TS (March 11-12, Duke), LODLAM (Steven), ALA (Harvard doing PCC liaison)
    • Wiki Conference October 18-21 – not sure whether anyone is available
    • Will there be another European BF summit? 
  • LD4P2 meeting LC - 15-16 Oct in DC 
    • Jason, Steven, Lynette, Huda, Tim, Dean, Simeon is 7 people, budget is $1500 each – all go ahead provided within budget, pre-travel to dept head and Simeon

Next meetings:

  • 2018-09-07 - Simeon will be out