These are the LD4P/LD4L tools that are currently being tested:

BIBFRAME-related tools

ToolTypeFunctionLanguageWebsiteNotesOther resources/links
LC BIBFRAME 1.0 ConverterConverterConvert MARC to BIBFRAMEXQuery MARC to BIBFRAME 1.0 
LC BIBFRAME 2.0 ConverterConverterConvert MARCXML to BIBFRAMEXSLT by Indexdata (for Stanford access)


LC BIBFRAME EditorEditorConstruct RDF in BIBFRAMEJavaScript

Needs a way to import profiles and save/post records to store. (for Stanford access)
LC BIBFRAME Profile editorConfiguration editorConstruct profiles to use in LC BIBFRAME EditorJavaScript apply profiles directly into BIBFRAME editor (for Stanford access)


Java wrapper for the Library of Congress marc2bibframe (version1) conversion utility.This utility allows running the marc2bibframe utility on large batches of records at a time. Internally, records are processed one at a time and a conversion error in a single record will not stop the whole conversion. Errors are logged in an XML log file that also includes the MARCXML data of problematic records.Java  

SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment

2,029,218 bibliographical records and 3,601,327 authority records were processed by Casalini and '@Cult' using data from twelve participant libraries to create this discovery environment.
Most likely a Solr and Java-related

Other RDF Tools

ToolTypeFunctionLanguageWebsiteNotesOther resources/ links
ALIADAConverter, publisher, linkerConvert MARC to customizable RDF, save to store and link with other datasetsJava conversion linking and publication of RDF datasets hosted by different Library or Collection Management Software. (for Stanford access)
CEDAREditorProduce/edit RDF based on ontology-driven formsJava, JS purpose of CEDAR is to improve metadata and its use. Does not yet support the creation of properties.
KARMAMulti-format ConverterEnables users to quickly and easily integrate data from a variety of data sources including databases, spreadsheets, delimited text files, XML, JSON, KML and Web APIs.Java, can come from a spreadsheet. 1-click install! Preload ontologies. Command line interface and UI. Accepts multiple file formats. Visualizations. GUI to do associations of entities. Edit data while you are working with it. Transform and create new columns.

This is super easy to get up and running:

You need vagrant, which on a Mac you can install using `brew install vagrant`

The only other gotcha is to change the version of apache-maven to 3.3.9 (from 3.3.3) in the file `Web-Karma/vagrant/`

RML EditorConverter, Data ModelerGUI to enable modeling heterogeneous data. The editor uses RML as its underlying mapping language, offering thus a uniform GUI to its users to edit mappings from multiple heterogeneous data sources.Java,  
VitroLib EditorVitro editor for library catalogingJava Install commands:
TableauVisualizationVisualize data stored in Stardog 5+NA Stardog 5 and Tableau desktop license. Potential to publish interactive visualizations.

Collaborative, crowd-sourced version:

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