About the Art Properties project

This sub-project of Linked Data for Production (LD4P) focused on the production of linked data descriptions for Columbia University’s art objects, which are overseen by Art Properties at the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library. The collection in total numbers about 10,000 objects, including public outdoor sculpture, paintings, photography, works on paper and decorative works. At present, data describing the art objects is captured in a spreadsheet according to locally developed guidelines following conventions developed by the art community and using both Library of Congress and Getty vocabularies. The data is also mapped to MARC and available through CLIO, Columbia University Libraries' catalog. This project developed into the Art & Rare Materials BIBFRAME Ontology Extension (ARM), a collaborative effort by the ArtFrame Extension Group and the Rare Materials Group.

Columbia Project Proposal

View Art Properties LOD work on GitHub

View ArtFrame work on GitHub

  • Converted Art Properties Sample data to ARM ontology
  • Evaluation and testing of the VitroLib RDF cataloging tool for original descriptions
  • Develop Art Properties ArtFrame Application profile
  • Map ArtFrame ontology to Art Properties data


Completed Work

Months 20-27 (November-June 2018)

Months 17-19 (August-October 2017)

  • Began work on Art Properties ArtFrame application profile (Melanie Wacker)
  • Began work to map ArtFrame ontology to Art Properties data (Melanie Wacker)
  • Participate in VitroLib Planning Group (Kate Harcourt, Robert Rendall, Melanie Wacker)
  • Finalized MARC BSR to bibliotek-o mapping (Amber Billey (facilitator), Melanie Wacker)
  • Participate in Tools calls (Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker)
  • Participate in extension lead calls (Melanie Wacker)

Months 13-16 (April-July 2017)

Months 10-12 (January-March 2017)

  • Host ArtFrame/Rare Materials Ontology Development Sprint at Columbia (March 2-3, 2017). Topics: Notes & Annotations, Citations, Physical Description and Provenance.
  • Participate in (all) Ontology Extension Group planning (Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker)
  • Additional Art Properties MARC records loaded into CLIO (Roberto Ferrari) 
  • Participate in VitroLib Custom Form configuration group (Robert Rendall)
  • Participate in MARC to bibliotek-o mapping (Amber Billey (facilitator), Melanie Wacker)
  • Participate in LD4L-Labs Converter call (Melanie Wacker)
  • Attend LD4P Meeting at ALA Annual, Jan. 23, 2017 in Atlanta (Amber Billey, Kate Harcourt, Robert Rendall, Melanie Wacker)

Month 9 (December 2016)

  • Planning for combined ArtFrame/Rare Materials Ontology Development Sprint
  • Completed participation in LD4L/BIBFRAME Alignement Group (Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker)
  • Continue participation in collaborative LD4* ontology calls (Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker)

 Month 8 (November 2016)

  • Compare Artframe and Rare Material use cases and identify commonalities (Amber Billey, Jason Kovari, Melanie Wacker)
  • Presentation on Artframe project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Nov. 14, 2016 (Roberto Ferrari, Melanie Wacker) 
  • Test VitroLib Sandbox and provide feedback (Columbia Group) 
  • Continue participation in collaborative LD4* ontology calls and LD4L/BIBFRAME Alignment Group (Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker) 

Months 4-7 (July-October 2016)

  • Create larger data set representing more than 2000 objects from the Art Properties collection (Columbia Group)

  • Reconcile new data set to external ontologies (Columbia Group)

  • Finalize literature review (Columbia Group)

 Months 1-3 (April-June 2016)  

Pre-project activities (prior to April 2016) 

  • Form Columbia core group consisting of members of the Libraries’ Original and Special Materials Cataloging Division, Avery Library, and the Art Properties Department.

  • Create private wiki for Columbia internal documentation

  • Create test dataset in spreadsheet form representing a variety of art formats

  • Reconcile spreadsheet data to external controlled vocabularies

  • Characterize objects in the Art Properties collection based on sample data

  • Survey existing linked data developments in the art domain

  • Map Art Properties data to Bibframe 1.0

  • Document issues and omissions in BIBFRAME 1.0 relating to art descriptions

  • Map Art Properties data to VRA RDF 

  • Presentation:

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