As of May 12 2011 this charter is still under development.

What is Hypatia?

Hypatia is an initiative to create a Hydra application (Fedora, Hydra, Solr, Blacklight) that supports the acessioning, arrangement / description, delivery and long term preservation of born digital archival collections.  Hypatia is being developed as part of the AIMS Project ("Born-Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship"), funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Hypatia is a cross-institutional effort that includes University of Virginia (grant lead), University of Hull, Stanford (Hypatia development lead) and Yale.

Current Status of Hypatia development

The current phase of Hypatia development will be completed at the end of the current grant on September 30th, 2011. Hypatia is being developed using an Agile methodology with month long iterations and weekly code submissions. The Hypatia application will not be completely functional at the end of this grant cycle and it is anticipated that the institutions supported by the current grant will seek additional funding to continue developing the application. As of early May 2011 we anticipate that by the end of the current effort or phase of developerent the application will be in the following state:

  • a demonstration Hypatia application hosted by Stanford that contains a subset of AIMS born digital collections from University of Hull, University of Virginia, Yale University and Stanford.  This demonstration application will only contain born digital materials that do not have intellectual or privacy concerns.  The demonstration application will not be complete so we've made the conscious decision to not load sensitive collection materials into this application.
  • a companion Hypatia application will be hosted by the University of Virginia.  The collections ingested into this Hypatia instance may not be publicly available.  
  • set of functional requirements that have been translated into stories, user interface mock-ups in the Hypatia Duraspace JIRA project.  These tickets will be used to support future application development.

Hypatia Features and Functionality - September 2011

  • polished interface that allows for the discovery and display of AIMS born digital collections and objects
  • search across Hypatia collection metadata.  This is unlikely to include free text search of the individual born digital items as they are in many different formats.
  • ability to download individual files
  • view descriptive, administrative and technical metadata for collections and individual items.
  • ability to edit descriptive and administrative metadata for individual items
  • display of collection materials in their archival context: collection, series, folder, file

Additional Features or Added Functionality Hypatia Should Support

The AIMS team has created detailed functional requirements for arranging and describing born digital archival collections.  Some of these features include:

  • ability to create and edit sets
  • ability to add objects to sets
  • ability to discover and display sets
  • in browser views of common file types

The Hypatia development team hopes to include as many of these features as possible into the current work phase that will end in September 2011. The institutions building Hypatia are strongly committed to developing the application beyond the current grant cycle to support this functionality.

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