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Have Google Summer of Code project ideas to share? Or want to volunteer as a mentor? Visit our DSpace Summer of Code Ideas page.

DSpace Summer of Code Information

If your interested in participating in the DSpace GSoC this year, lets being self organizing a list of those who are interested...

Join up for GSoC by first creating an account: http://socghop.appspot.com/

Our GSoC profile is actually under the name "DuraSpace", as DuraSpace is our parent organization.

Table of Contents:

DSpace Team Project Strategy

This year, DSpace will encourage all GSoC projects (both students and mentors) to actively engage without our development community. If multiple GSoC projects have small overlaps, we will encourage ongoing communication between those projects teams. The goal being to assure that individual projects are aware of each other and solution sets are synergistic. We will not to allow individual projects to go off and work privately this year.

Each GSoC project/student will be expected to do the following:

  • Student and mentors should work together to create tasks with time estimates (so other mentors/developers can be aware of project goals/timelines, etc)
  • Student and mentors are expected to provide weekly project updates via public IRC meetings (likely held in conjunction with our weekly DSpace Developer Meetings). This provides an opportunity for more immediate project feedback from other developers/mentors/students.
  • All project source code will be stored in our central SVN repository (see Project Source Control section below)
  • All project documentation should be stored in this Wiki
  • Students and mentors are encouraged to actively engage with the DSpace developer community via our DSpace Developers List and other listservs

Students, please follow the application process detailed on the DuraSpace Google Summer of Code page.

2014 Project Ideas Page

Please visit DSpace Summer of Code Ideas for a listing of all potential project ideas. This page may change often before the Student Application period begins, so make sure to check back!

Useful DSpace Resources


Technical Discussions

Email Listservs

We have setup the following separate lists for student/mentor discussions.

Student / Mentor discussion list.

All students and mentors should sign up for the 'duraspace-gsoc' Google Group / Mailing List.

Mentor Administration List

All Mentors should sign up for the 'duraspace-gsoc-mentors' Google Group / Mailing List.

DSpace Developers List

Please be sure to use the dspace-devel at lists.sourceforge.net listserv for getting feedback, technical details and project development with the whole community.


There are two dedicated DSpace IRC (internet relay chat) channels (i.e. "rooms") on the irc.freenode.net server:

Administrative Requests

Please use the 'duraspace-gsoc' Google Group / Mailing List for administrative/internal issues within the group.

Project Source Control

Source code for the DSpace Summer of Code projects will be on GitHub:


The code available in this repository has read access for anonymous users, so is publicly available.

Past DSpace GSoC Projects

Past Years' Projects

Past Years' Idea Pages

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