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From A. Soroka (UVa / APTrust)

  • Title: Using the resources of the Semantic Web to describe repository contents
  • Primary Actor: Curator
  • Scope: One person workflow
  • Level: I don't know what "level" is supposed to mean. Like in Dungeons and Dragons?
  • (Story):
    • Curators (and other similarly-motivated persons) should be able to use the powerful communal resources of the Semantic Web (vocabularies and ontologies) to describe resources in Fedora. It shouldn't be necessary to do very much customization to begin using sophisticated RDF to describe resources and have the descriptions available through usual presentations (SPARQL endpoints, RDF/XML Linked Data, etc.). This would not (and should never) include providing the machinery that a curator would actually use (UI), but the services that would support that machinery. Fedora offers some of this now, but much remains to be done.


  1. Unknown User (

    I think this use case is satisfied by the RESTful HTTP API - Objects functionality which allows updates using standard RDF formats and protocols, and the indexer and external triplestore functionality which allow syncing the data and working with it in any standard triplestore.

  2. A. Soroka can you verify whether or not this use case is satisfied as of 4.0-Alpha-4?

    1. I think much remains to be done on this front, but we have enough in place that we can call this feature "complete" for some value of that term. (wink)