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Title (goal)Storing heterogeneous research data
Primary ActorResearcher
ScopeSystem black-box

A geographically distributed research group has conducted a set of 250 interviews with pupils. Each interview is represented by a video/audio stream, a transcript of the interview, and a set of stills from the video. The length of the interviews varies between 10 and 45 mins. The researchers now analyze the videos and comment on specific behavior of the interviewees. Each comment is linked to a temporal section of the video. The length of a comment varies between single words up to several paragraphs. Comments are seen as research data objects in their own right (with authors, provenance, and additional metadata). Thus, the system needs to efficiently store objects in a size range from 100s of bytes to several gigabytes.


  1. This should be supported as of 4.0-Alpha-4Matthias Razum can you verify that the use case is satisfied?

    1. Matthias Razum can you review this use case to verify that it is satisfied?