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These training archives may be out of date, but have been retained and kept available for the community's benefit in reviewing previous sessions.

Current training documentation can be found here: Training

This is a space for brainstorming high-value topics for a 3 day Fedora 4 training event.

Potential Topics

  1. Introduction to Fedora 4
    1. feature tour
    2. peek at the self-describing API
    3. range of Fedora 4 projects
  2. Typical repository architectures
  3. Data/content modelling patterns (good practices)
  4. Case studies
    1. Durability and digital preservation
  5. Installing Fedora 4
  6. Configuring Fedora 4
  7. Linked Data Platform (LDP)
  8. REST API highlights tour
    1. newly supported HTTP features
    2. paths and identifiers
  9. Indexing Fedora
    1. in Solr
    2. in Fuseki
    3. fcrepo-message-consumer examples
    4. fcrepo-camel examples
  10. Automating Fedora deploy (e.g. w/Ansible)
  11. Horizontal scalability
    1. Storage options
    2. Projection
    3. Clustering
  12. Authentication and Authorization
    1. basic roles
    2. policy-based authorization
  13. Extending Fedora (adding services or modules)
  14. Messaging
  15. OAI-PMH
  16. Developer process and resources
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